What We Do at DalarFrom our perspective, if you are a leader who understands the importance of engaging your people and their inherent leadership, you are an extraordinary leader. Our services are designed and customized to support you as you engage your people in accomplishing desired outcomes. The services assist you in engaging people to close the gap between potential and results.

In carrying out all of our services, we simultaneously develop the capacity in your organization for leadership and for sustainability from the results of what we have worked on together. We hear from leaders that we worked with decades ago that they are still using and benefiting from the work that we did with them.

In engaging our services, we customize what we do in accordance with your unique organization so that you can:

  • Leadership Development – Develop the skills, knowledge and capacity needed as an individual and as a leadership team to lead in creating and nourishing a culture of leadership.
  • Team Development – Develop your team to thrive in a culture of leadership. As an individual member of a team, develop your skills, knowledge and capacity to fit into any team.
  • Meeting Design and Facilitation – Foster a culture of leadership with meeting facilitation designed for rich participation, dialogue, collaboration and accessing individual and collective wisdom towards tangible results.
  • Strategic Planning – Create a Strategic Plan using participatory methods that engage people in the development of the plan and its execution as an important contributor of closing the gap between potential and results.
  • Strategic Plan Refresh – Retain relevancy in your Strategic Plan by regularly undertaking a Strategy Plan Refresh. Doing so using participatory methods helps people remain engaged in accomplishing the plan.
  • Problem Solving – Problem solve at the root of the problem, not at the level of symptoms. Create the best conditions for problem solving to lead to the best solutions.
  • Mentoring/Coaching – Develop skill, capacity, competency, knowledge and expanded awareness in yourself and your people through customized, client-centered, mentoring and coaching.
  • Training – Learn, retain, retrieve, and apply the skills and knowledge that are valuable in closing the gap between potential and results.
  • Project Turnaround – Make the necessary adjustments to your project when it gets off track or when conditions for success have changed.
  • Organizational Change and Transformation – Lead your organizational change or transformation with assistance from us as change experts. We understand that all successful change must be led from within the organization.

Our services have assisted our clients to:

  • Become extraordinary leaders who lead so that their people can lead
  • Support an organization-wide culture of leadership, strategy focus, and collaboration through development of a participatory architecture
  • Facilitate highly participatory meetings ranging from small to very large groups including the whole system of stakeholders
  • Devolve authority in organizations so that authority is aligned with responsibility and accountability individually and as teams or business units
  • Find the best solutions quickly to emergent opportunities and challenges
  • Develop agile, flexible, highly participative and transparent organizations that survive and thrive in internal and external climates of constant change
  • Conduct strategic planning and the development of a strategy focused organization using participation of all stakeholders
  • Develop, sustain, and regenerate organizational health and balance
  • Develop, sustain, and regenerate health and balance of leaders

Our services are designed to keep external consultant involvement to a minimum, developing skills, knowledge and capacity within individuals and in the organization as we work.  This allows the organization to flourish long-term without the need for ongoing external consultant involvement. In conducting our work the Genuine Contact™ way, we adhere to a standard of quality in all of our services  that was developed and agreed to by our international Genuine Contact™ community of professionals. In considering our services, it is valuable to look at Who We Serve to discern for yourself whether what you value for your organization is in alignment with what we value. In choosing a consulting firm, alignment of values is a key to a successful relationship and successful outcomes.