You have the opportunity to close the gap between potential and results in yourself and also in your people through leadership development.

We start with you where you are along your leadership development path, and work together with you to map out a customized leadership development plan. Depending on your choices, our leadership development work with you focuses on developing:

  1. yourself and expanding your leadership skills, competencies and capacities so that you are at ease in leading so people will lead.
  2. your leadership team so that it can create and maintain the leadership container that is necessary for leading a culture of leadership.
  3. leadership skills, competencies, and capacity in the people of your organization to assist in creating and sustaining a culture of leadership...each person doing their part.
  4. your capacity to maintain and regain your health and balance, essential for good decision making.

The performance environment for all organizations is one of constant and sometimes rapid change. Leading in this performance environment brings added challenges, greater complexity, and the need for agility and flexibility throughout an organization.

Organizations, in their strategic plans, are including leadership as a core competency in the organization. They understand its importance in accomplishing the balance of their strategic goals. We believe the best leadership development processes include leadership development at all levels in an organization, inclusive of but not limited to senior leadership, team leadership, and line leadership. Strengthening leadership as a core competency throughout the organization is critical to achieving the agility and flexibility needed. Agility and flexibility make it possible for the organization to respond quickly to challenges and opportunities.

Many jobs today require leadership competency to get the job done well. This applies particularly to knowledge, technology, and service workers and yet is not limited to workers in these three categories. Developing leadership competencies in individuals to carry out their jobs with greater success requires conditions and culture within which this leadership can thrive. We assist in creating and nourishing a culture of leadership.

For twenty-five years, we have researched, developed, and adjusted what is required to create and nourish a culture of leadership throughout an organization.  We are experts in working with the new leadership paradigm of 'leading so people will lead'.  In an interview about leadership development with managerSeminare Magazine, our Senior Consultant Birgitt Williams highlights important considerations for this new leadership paradigm (note that the interview, although beginning in German, is in English).

Dalar International Consultancy supports your organization's leadership development goals for formal and informal leaders throughout the organization. We build leadership development processes that are customized to your organization, focusing on strengthening and increasing leadership capacity while working on real and relevant business goals.

Getting Started

Contact Birgitt Williams, President of Dalar International to schedule a free one-hour appointment to discuss your leadership development needs. During this call, Birgitt will guide you in determining your leadership development goals and together you will develop a plan for achieving your goals.

Leadership Development Learning Opportunities

Eleven workshops that we offer support the leadership development process. In engaging us for your leadership development, we can discuss which workshops would be right for you.

Extraordinary Leadership Network

We also offer an online self directed leadership development program in our Extraordinary Leadership Network called Leadership Development in a Coffee Break.