You would be hard-pressed to find a gold-medal athlete, world-class musician, or award-winning actor who didn’t have a coach or mentor behind them along every step of the journey.  Why?  Because top performers understand that mentoring and coaching is essential in achieving your fullest potential.

Members of our team are experienced and knowledgeable coaches and mentors, working with leaders of organizations, teams, projects, communities and small businesses around the world both in person and online.

A coach or mentor helps you to make yourself better, increasing your capacity to be in service to your clients.  They also help you to identify the areas where you might be unconsciously sabotaging yourself and to create a plan with you to be your best.

Sometimes, what you want is someone to be available to you as a thought partner so that you can process your difficult decisions and challenges with an outside objective strategic thinker who understands what leadership is about. We do. Leaders have trusted our coaching and mentoring services for decades.

Why You Need a Business Mentor or Coach

While it’s tempting to say that everyone needs a business coach or mentor, here are some key signs that seeking this outside help is your best next step:

  • Your business growth has reached a plateau or has begun backsliding
  • Your business is growing faster than you are ready for
  • You continually wrestle with the same challenges
  • You want support in goal setting and then ongoing accountability and motivation to achieve your goals
  • You realize you are in the same place as you were last year despite your best intentions and effort
  • You are experiencing challenges that are outside your current experience to know how to resolve
  • You are more creative and come to better decisions when you have the chance to process with someone out loud

Who Benefits from Coaching or Mentoring In Their Business?

Leaders within all sizes of organizations including executives, managers, and team leaders can benefit from coaching or mentoring programs.  Coaching and mentoring can focus on achieving business goals, developing yourself as an extraordinary leader, specific skill development, or career development.

Small business owners, solo-entrepreneurs, and start-ups equally benefit from coaching and mentoring.  Coaching and mentoring can focus on business planning, developing your business as a business, identifying and achieving business goals, or specific skill development.

What’s the Difference between Mentoring and Coaching?

Generally, a formal mentoring relationship is focused on your growth and maturity both personally and professionally over the long-term.  It is a two-way mutually beneficial relationship where the mentor provides advice, shares knowledge and experiences, and teaches using a low pressure, self-discovery approach.  A mentoring relationship can be for a fixed amount of time or can be a very open-ended relationship.

A coaching relationship is generally focused on achieving a specific goal by changing behaviors or developing specific skills.  It is a one-way relationship where the coach intentionally works with the coachee through a specific process to achieve the desired goals.  Coaching is typically for a fixed amount of time.

Informal mentoring can happen within a coaching relationship, but coaching should not happen within a mentoring relationship.

The Role of Mentoring Circles

In addition to the valuable support of a 1:1 mentor and coach, developing a mentoring circle within your organization is a powerful opportunity to increase the capacity of the members of the organization and the organization as a whole.  By bringing together people from across the organization with a focus on creating a maximum mixture of levels of seniority and different departments into a group for collective mentoring, the opportunity is created to foster relationships, increase knowledge transfer, and build collaboration and collective wisdom while working on achieving business goals and solving problems.

For solo-entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, these mentoring circles can often take the form of a mastermind group, collaborating with other business leaders. We recommend developing this mastermind group using the same principles as a mentoring circle to create the best conditions for collective wisdom and creative problem-solving.

Dalar International Consultancy can support you in developing a mentoring circle or mastermind group that is built on a clear business purpose and holistic foundation to optimize your opportunities for success.

Getting Started

Contact Rachel Bolton for a no-charge one-hour consultation. Rachel will guide you through a discernment process to clarify your development goals and whether coaching or mentoring is the right process for you.  You will leave this consultation with clear next steps in achieving your development goals including an understanding of what coaching or mentoring program will best support you.

Learning Opportunities

Eleven workshops that we offer support coaching and mentoring. In engaging us for your mentoring, coaching or mentoring circle development, we can discuss which workshops would be right for you.