strategic plan refresh

Increasingly, we are hearing and seeing signs of ‘strategic planning fatigue’ in all sorts of organizations we are approached by.

Sometimes leadership teams feel that they need a new strategic plan when in reality, they would be better served with something that we refer to as a ‘strategic plan refresh’.  Doing a strategic plan refresh respects the energy of the people and the leadership team.

The primary purpose of doing a strategic plan refresh is to ensure that the strategic plan and accompanying strategy map are relevant and useful. The planning can be accomplished in a short time frame with the energy needed for a sprint rather than a marathon.

Imagine accomplishing a strategic plan refresh over the period of one month, involving just a few days…and coming out of the process with a relevant, useful strategic plan! If you are working to nourish a culture of leadership, having the capacity in house to do the strategic plan refresh is one way to support the culture of leadership.

What's Involved in a Strategic Plan Refresh?

When we do a strategic plan refresh for an organization or project of 100 people or less, the steps include:

  1. A meeting with the leadership team to go through a checklist of what they have in place to lead a strategy focused organization including the existing strategic plan (4 hours).
  2. If necessary, to undertake some strengthening of the leadership team (usual time frame 2 days).
  3. A Whole System meeting involving everyone that includes the opportunity to have conversations in relation to the existing strategic plan to identify what should be kept, increased, reduced, eliminated, and created (1 day, often divided as two ½ days).
  4. A Whole System meeting to identify themes, priorities, and refresh the strategies and sub-strategies (1 day).

When the organization is larger, everyone in the organization cannot attend the Whole System meetings. Instead, a representative mixture of the whole system participates. We often add a few steps, depending on the culture of the organization, and often having separate meetings with Human Resources and having an expanded leadership team meeting that includes division, department, and team leaders. Even with large organizations, the process can be accomplished within a month.

A strategic plan refresh is a cost effective, time effective and resource effective way to keep your organization on track in closing the gap between potential and results, re-inspiring people towards a common vision, and achieving its goals.

Getting Started

Contact Birgitt Williams, President of Dalar International Consultancy, Inc. to schedule a free one hour appointment to discuss your strategic plan refresh needs. During this call, Birgitt will go over what you have in place in relation to your current strategic plan; the purpose of doing a strategic plan refresh at this time; and the history of your organization in relation to strategic planning. Based on this information, she will outline for you her recommendations for your strategic plan refresh process.

Learning Opportunities

These workshops that we offer support the strategic plan refresh process. In engaging us for your strategic plan refresh, you may be interested in developing the capacity in your organization to carry out your own strategic plan refresh processes over time.