team developmentWe recognize you have lots of options to bring in consultants to help you with team development. Our offer is unique for the following reasons and may appeal to you as a good investment of your time, money and trust.

Team Development within a Business Goal

We never do a team development exercise just for the purpose of a team development exercise. We always carry out team development as almost a by-product of focusing the team on a specific business goal that is important for you to accomplish. With us, you work on one of your existing business goals and accomplish team development for the same effort, expense, and time. Two big benefits come out of every team development assignment that we undertake.

Because we focus on a business goal, the skills, knowledge and capacity gained by the team is already part of the day to day work as a team. This sets our process apart from traditional team building exercises from which there is not always successful transference of what was learned in the team building exercises into the day to day work. Your team experiences cohesiveness and productivity not just during team development, but in all projects going forward.

Capacity Building

Skills, knowledge and capacity are built within the team to sustain its own ongoing team development once we are complete with our work together. By building these skills, knowledge and capacity into you team we create lasting benefit from the work together. Benefit that can extend as new members join your team or existing members move on to other projects or positions.

If you don't have a specific business goal to work on, we can take your team through learning how to diagnose how they are as a team, and how to regenerate the team so that this can be a regular checkup done within the team itself once we complete our work together...something you can benefit from for years to come.

Individual and Team Development

In today's environment of cross functional teams, people on your team need to have the knowledge, skills, and capacity to be able to function well in any team that they find themselves in for however long or short a period of time as they are part  of that team. We focus on the development of the individual parallel to focusing on the development of the team, so that individuals will be more skillful with cross functional teams and also in participating in more than one team if their job so requires.

Conflict Prevention

On any team and in any project, the likelihood of conflict exists. While healthy conflict can lead to new idea generation, creativity, and accomplishing your goals, unhealthy conflict has the possibility to delay or even derail a project. We build in conflict prevention skills and processes for your team as we go. With these conflict prevention strategies in place, the likelihood of unhealthy conflict happening in your teams is drastically reduced. Read more about our conflict prevention approach.

Getting Started

Contact Birgitt Williams, President of Dalar International Consultancy, Inc. to schedule a free one hour appointment to discuss your team and project development needs. During this call, Birgitt will guide you in determining your team development goals and together you will develop a plan for achieving your goals.

Team development is just one of many concerns you mave have as the leader of a team or project. Before contacting us, you may wish to learn more about how we can be of service to you.

Learning Opportunities

We offer a few workshops that are of benefit for team development. In engaging us for your team development, we can discuss whether any of the workshops would be right for you as part of meeting your team development goals and capacity development.