Medicine Wheel Tool WorkshopLearn to work with the Medicine Wheel Tool©, a simple yet effective tool for personal & organizational development, change, and transformation, in this 2-day online workshop.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • the seven components of the Medicine Wheel Tool as a holistic approach to working with your organization's operating matrix (purpose, leadership, vision, community, relationships, management, and the circle of the whole)
  • how to apply the Medicine Wheel Tool as a development process for private and professional leadership, teams, organizations, and communities
  • applications of the Medicine Wheel Tool specifically designed for problem analysis, project analysis, team analysis, organizational analysis, and solution focus
  • use of the Medicine Wheel Tool to obtain consistent and cross-cultural results to close the gap between potential and results

What is the Medicine Wheel Tool?

Medicine Wheel Tool by the Genuine Contact Program

The Medicine Wheel Tool is one of the 11 key components of the Genuine Contact program. This tool is based on the medicine wheel used by Indigenous Peoples around the world and given for use in the world by all races by a group of native elders in 1987. Native peoples around the world had preserved the knowledge of the medicine wheel as a way of understanding life and communities and how to make adjustments as needed. As the story goes, the ‘Red Race’ was given the responsibility of preserving the medicine wheel by the Creator until the time was right to share the tool with the other races for the benefit of the whole human race. The time has come. Evidence of what is known as the Medicine Wheel is found in even the oldest cave art and in Indigenous people around the world, depicting a circle divided into four quadrants seeming to represent north, south, east and west.

The Medicine Wheel Tool is rooted in these ancient traditions and provides an opportunity for working within a holistic framework in a variety of applications in both business and life.

Workshop Details

This workshop is offered online May 12 & 19 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST (check your local timezone).

The workshop is suitable whether or not you have learned about the Medicine Wheel Tool through participation in a Genuine Contact program workshop.

For Genuine Contact Professionals who cannot attend the workshop live, you can register to participate as a self-study program. A link to the workshop recordings and a copy of the workbook will be provided to you at the conclusion of the workshop.

Your Facilitators

Birgitt Williams, Workshop FacilitatorBirgitt Williams, as one of the creators of the Genuine Contact program, developed the Medicine Wheel Tool, which is rooted in Indigenous teachings of the medicine wheel archetype.  She has skilfully facilitated the Genuine Contact program workshops since 1990 as they were being created, tested, researched for effect, and developed into what became the Genuine Contact program. Birgitt brings her unique skills in assisting people to access their full intelligence individually and collectively. Birgitt is passionate about assisting individuals and organizations of individuals achieve breakthroughs. Birgitt’s lifetime commitment has been to nourishing a culture of leadership.

Rachel Bolton, Workshop FacilitatorLife design coach and member of our Dalar team, Rachel Bolton, has worked with clients around the world, assisting each person in creating a unique understanding of their personal state of health and balance, and developing a plan for achieving and sustaining optimum health based on their specific goals. Rachel has also been working alongside the Dalar team, assisting in workshop facilitation since 2005 and has been facilitating Genuine Contact workshops since 2010. Her unique blend of health coaching, mentoring and Genuine Contact training bring high-level insight and practical suggestions.

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This is a Genuine Contact Way Workshop

Birgitt Williams, Ward Williams and Rachel Bolton of the Dalar team have created these Genuine Contact Way workshops with a focus on creating and nourishing a culture of leadership in organizations. We believe that when a culture of leadership exists in an organization, productivity increases, employees work both more effectively and with greater satisfaction on their own and in teams, and the organization thrives. Each Genuine Contact Way workshop provides participants with a complete skill and knowledge set that is beneficial used on its own. Each workshop is also designed to be part of a multi-purpose blended approach and you may find added benefit to take this workshop in conjunction with other Genuine Contact Way workshops as well as components of the Genuine Contact Program. Contact us to find out what the right ‘bundle’ is to meet your unique development and business goals.

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