All workshops offered provide skills, tools, and knowledge to:

  1. close the gap between potential and results
  2. nourish a culture of leadership
  3. assist leaders to develop the capacity of their organizations to thrive
  4. develop leadership for leading in a culture requiring agility, flexibility and solutions in a performance environment of constant change.

Our upcoming scheduled workshops include:

Strategic Planning the Genuine Contact Way

Strategic Planning Workshop

December 1, 8 & 15 | Online

We invite you to consider learning more about Strategic Planning with us so that you can position yourself and your organization for success with your strategic planning. We provide guidance in avoiding the four common problems so that your Strategic Plan will be in the 10-30% of strategic plans that are successfully executed. 

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Holistic Leadership Development Workshop

Holistic Leadership Development Workshop: March 17-21, 2018 in Raleigh, NC, USAMarch 17-21, 2018 | Raleigh, NC, USA

You are invited to an experiential workshop to enhance your leadership skills, knowledge and capacity to lead in a way in which others will engage their own leadership. In this workshop you will learn a holistic paradigm for leadership that will serve you in bringing out the best in yourself and in the business, groups and organizations that you lead.

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Looking for Another Workshop?

Dalar International Consultancy offers a variety of Genuine Contact Workshops at select locations and online each year. You can check out the complete offering here.