clientsAs a leader of a progressive organization who is working to transform your culture to one of greater vibrancy, workforce engagement, team work, solution focus, and the resultant improved results, you would be ideally suited to who we serve.

People ask us who our target market is inquiring whether we work with small or large organizations, public or private sector organizations, and so on. We don’t define our target market that way. Organizations of every kind and shape have fairly similar challenges including that they need to thrive in this performance environment of constant change.

No matter what type of organization, who we serve are leaders who want to engage people and reap the benefits of sustainable organization-wide engagement. In small enterprises, this may mean keeping themselves engaged. We consider the standard of our success to be when a leader we work with is successfully sustaining an organizational culture of employee engagement accomplishing consistent successful outcomes. We (and your customers and clients) can feel the success when we walk through the doors. The vibrancy is palpable. And the people feel happy to be at work and happy to be engaged in your organization.

Since 1997, we have been proud to assist coaches and consultants in their learning and development. Coaches and consultants who seek us out do so to learn tools, techniques and how we do our work so that they can expand the service to their own clients. They also seek us out as part of their own leadership development plan to get re-energized and re-inspired.

Clients have included small, mid-sized and large international companies, city governments, religious organizations, international development agencies, and international health care services. 

Work with Us

You need to have a good alignment between what you believe and want to achieve, and what consultants that you contract with believe and can accomplish. To assist you as you think about engaging our services, we ask that the you look at the following list. We created it to help you determine whether you believe we would be a good fit to serve you.  As you think about the following statements, if they resonate with you, our service and our approach would be in alignment with what you value.

  1. You value an organization that is flexible and able to thrive in a performance environment of change.
  2. You value leadership as a core competency in your organization.
  3. You value developing the capacity, skills and knowledge of the  individuals in your organization.
  4. You value engaging people to close the gap between the potential of people and their outcomes.
  5. You value effective work teams.
  6. You value creating the conditions so that individuals can work effectively under minimum supervision, with sufficient freedom to find and implement the solutions that will lead to increased achievement for the organization.
  7. You value getting to the root of any problems to find the right solutions for moving forward.

Due to our respect for their privacy, a listing of the company names are not available publicly.  References are available upon request.

Clients report:

  • High levels of success
  • Satisfied shareholders and stakeholders
  • Loyal and ecstatic customers
  • Efficient and effective processes
  • Motivated, committed, and prepared workforce to achieve a common purpose
  • Growth and expansion from within
  • Breakthrough learning resulting in solutions to complex challenges
  • Appropriate structure
  • Genuine community
  • Effective communication
  • High morale and spirited performance
  • Engaged involvement
  • High efficiency and productivity
  • Increased employee retention
  • Shared leadership
  • Shared vision
  • Clear purpose
  • Elimination of barriers to doing a job quickly with excellence and pride
  • Increased creativity including creative problem solving
  • Sustainable and renewable organizational health—an environment where the human spirit can flourish
  • An ability to navigate with change and take quick advantage of the opportunities it brings
  • Benefits that came from intuitive knowledge and rational knowledge working together in tandem