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We specialize in developing leaders, teams and organizations for the new leadership paradigm of "leading so people will lead". Upgrade your leadership culture and increase both the well being and the performance of your organization.


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You want the benefits of closing the gap between the potential of people and their results. With us, you will discover ways to nourish the culture of leadership that closes this gap, through engagement, alignment and applied leadership at all levels in your organization. We are skillful in multi-stakeholder collaborations and in situations requiring transformation. Learn More

As a team leader or project team leader, you want team cohesion, productivity, alignment with goals, and the best results. Working with us on your team or project leadership develops your skills, knowledge and capacity as we work together. Our results come from how we carry out our work, always using a current important business challenge to work on as the target for our team and project development work. Learn More

As a freelancer, solo-entrepreneur or small business owner, you need customized support for leading your small business. Develop the skills, knowledge and planning you need to start, grow or reimagine your small business. Learn More

There are times and situations when you may want some help. During the past two decades, we have helped consultants and coaches just like you from all over the world to enhance their skills, tools, techniques, concepts, knowledge, and wisdom. We have helped to solve prickly problems. Learn More

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Customized Consulting & Coaching

The leaders, managers and consultants who engage our services have specific business and development goals in mind. We offer a variety of customized consulting and coaching services to support you in achieving your goals. Find out how Dalar International Consultancy can assist your organization work with change. This includes using a change framework for all new business initiatives and projects.

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Supporting Your Learning and Leadership Development

All of our learning and development makes use of the Genuine Contact program, a holistic approach for organizational success. The GC program has a rich track record in next step leadership work, in supporting and developing leaders and their organizations to create and nourish a culture of leadership. We support you and your learning style with a variety of options: choose a learning stream to work on a business development goal or a single module to learn a specific tool or application, read the book, blog posts, articles, listen to the podcast, or participate in online or face to face facilitated peer to peer mentoring circles.

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Community of Practice

Learning requires application. Successful application requires practice. Our international community of practice provides support to you as you apply, practice, and develop mastery in your leadership. We offer a series of facilitated peer to peer Mentoring Circles throughout the year, each with a focus on learning and experience from a specific Genuine Contact Program module. Most but not all Mentoring Circles are online. The peer to peer mentoring includes the participation of people from a number of countries, enriching all of us with the international, cross cultural perspectives within a format supporting great conversations.

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