Dalar International Consultancy, Inc is a values-led leadership development and organizational development consulting firm. We love what we do and we measure our performance on the success experienced by our clients.Over the last three decades, thousands of individuals around the world have received consulting, coaching, mentoring and training with us. They in turn benefited their organizations, their teams, and their clients.

Our purpose: being of service to visionary leaders so that their organizations and the people in them thrive in well being and in achieving constructive results.

Values-led leadership: Our leadership is rooted in our authenticity and integrity. Heart, mind and action are in alignment to be authentic. Words and actions are in alignment demonstrating integrity. With our integrity, authenticity, and our holistic approach, our clients can count on the leadership we provide to serve them well.

Our vision:  through working to support today’s leaders and organizations in their well being and constructive results, we contribute to a life-nourishing future for our children and generations to come.

Our clients: visionary leaders, their organizations, visionary consultants, coaches and facilitators.

Our method: 

  1. We use a simple tool to assist the client in a discernment process to develop clarity about what they want
  2. We customize services together with the client to achieve the client’s  business and/or development goals.
  3. Is rooted in the five beliefs of the Genuine Contact way of working.
  4. Is carried out in accordance with our stated values
  5. Mentoring, teaching and using the tools, processes, tips, knowledge, and framework of the  the Genuine Contact program are used for the dual purpose of meeting the business goals while simultaneously developing leadership

Learn More About Our Team

  • Birgitt Williams, President & Senior Consultant
  • Ward Williams, Vice President & Senior Consultant
  • Rachel Bolton, Senior Coach & Consultant
  • Our Co-operation Partners, a select group of senior consultant colleagues chosen by us when we know that such a partnership will provide greater impact for specific projects and for specific public offering workshops.

The principals of Dalar International Consultancy, Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams, have consulted with leaders and organizations for over thirty years. Dalar has been in the business of developing leaders and their organizations since 1990. Birgitt and Ward’s combined years of business and leadership consulting experiences  led to the development of the Genuine Contact™ program, a holistic approach to leadership and organizational success.

The Genuine Contact™ program supports leaders and their organizations committed to working in the new leadership  culture of “leading so people will lead”. This new leadership culture requires expanded leadership capacity at the top, and throughout the organization. Birgitt Williams, President of Dalar, authored The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership as a guide to leadership development.

Rachel Bolton has been a part of the Dalar team since 1998.  First working with us as our production manager, she undertook training in the Genuine Contact program and was authorized as a Genuine Contact Trainer in 2002. She is now a senior consultant with Dalar and the Director of the international Genuine Contact Organization. Rachel, with Birgitt has co-authored chapters in The Library of Collaborative Change (2020) and the Story Cookbook: recipes for practical change (2019).

Social Commitment

Our social commitment includes supporting improvements in justice, equity, cooperation, and life-nourishing environments.

Our social commitment includes a scholarship program covering the tuition to our training for people who want to take our workshop modules and do not have the financial means to do so, especially those from developing countries, non-profit and development agencies. We commit no less than 10% of our profits annually to these scholarships.

Our social commitment also includes the provision of significant discounts of the cost of our services for non-profit and development agencies, governments and governmental agencies. Ask about our discounts at the time of contracting with us for our services.

Contact Birgitt Williams if you are interested in applying for a scholarship for any module or workshop package. Our discounts and scholarship program support our commitment to create more life nurturing ways of working together locally and globally. They also support our vision of a brighter future for our children and the generations to come, for today’s individuals, teams, communities, governments, businesses and organizations of all kinds.

Environmental Commitment

Our environmental commitment includes providing funding for projects for efficient use of energy, clean water, air, and soil.  We use online meetings during the planning and debrief phases of work when possible, to limit the carbon footprint of unnecessary travel.  We practice sustainable office management including minimal use of paper, and maximum recycling.