Emily Page, Cooperation PartnerEmily Page of Creative Knowing Consultancy is excited to be a Cooperation Partner with Dalar International Consultancy because of the unique values and principles that Birgitt and Ward have established for how to lead and have the greatest positive impact on organizations and the people that serve them.  I felt such an instant sense of alignment with the Genuine Contact Way and feel that its potential for changing how people do business and lead successful organizations has only just begun to be tapped.

I graduated as an authorized trainer of the Genuine Contact Program in 2005. I use Genuine Contact principles in everything that I do.  The frameworks, processes and tools are invaluable for helping my clients reach deeper levels of impactful leadership in order to create organizations that enable people to give their best toward common goals. Genuine Contact is unique in its seeming simplicity of execution yet it has great profundity because it truly invites leaders to reach the state of being “genuine.”

Emily Page is Founder and President of Creative Knowing Consultancy. With over 20 years of consulting and coaching in organizational development, leadership development and strategic planning, Emily brings a wealth of experience to her clients. Her professional background ranges from leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies to being a CEO of regulated retail business to leading her own consulting and coaching firm.  Emily has been actively involved in Board leadership for nearly 30 years so her understanding of what makes boards effective and what derails them is vast.  Emily has consulted with hundreds of clients to build their skills and become conscious leaders whether they are responsible for the performance of others or are leading their personal journeys through life.  She supports her leadership clients in developing effective processes and structures to increase their positive impact on the organizations that they serve.  Emily utilizes participatory processes with her clients.  She has a unique ability help her clients face their realities in a way that enables them to affect change. Emily holds a BBA, an MBA and is certified in a number of change processes and tools.

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President & Lead Consultant/Coach
Creative Knowing Consultancy
North Carolina, USA