Doris Gottlieb, Dalar International Cooperation PartnerDoris Gottlieb values being one of our co-operation partners because Dalar is working in a way that is congruent with her own values and work with clients.  By cooperating with us, she can enhance her impact with clients and contribute with her knowledge to others. She finds our work deeply transformational because it gives her and her clients a sense of just how powerful people can be when they are in genuine contact with themselves, each other and their deeper purpose.

Doris graduated as a Certified Genuine Contact Trainer in 2011.

The Genuine Contact program is the foundation upon which all of her work in organizations and life is built.  It provides simple yet profound and elegant tools, frameworks and methods that give people access to their own wisdom in facing their own challenges and creating their own opportunities. The focus on nourishing leadership cultures has been invaluable to her and to those she works with.  She can’t imagine working in any other way, it simply feels like home.

About Doris

Looking back over my career and education there has always been one recurring theme, finding ways to bring people into their potential.

I currently work as a consultant, facilitator, and coach under my name, Doris Gottlieb.  My professional life has taken me down a rich and varied path: as an actress, a university lecturer, management trainer, and organizational and leadership development consultant.   On that road, there have always been several guiding principles:

“What is necessary for people to recognize, connect with and use their collective and individual potential?”

“What can nature teach us about our own organizations, how can working in a way that acknowledges that nature supports us in creating sustainable and life nurturing systems?”

“What does understanding the whole, as opposed to its parts bring us when working in organisations?”

These questions are what guide me when whether I am working with organisations in transition, with individuals developing their leadership or in educational training programs.  It is what brought me to Genuine Contact and is the reason I feel so committed to bringing this way of working to as many people and as many (organisational) contexts possible.

I currently live in the Netherlands and have served clients in the Netherlands and internationally. I carry out work in English, Spanish and Dutch.

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Doris Gottlieb, Dalar Cooperation PartnerDoris Gottlieb
Consultant – Facilitator – Coach,  Creating space for potential to unfold
Amsterdam, Netherlands