Eva P Svennson, EPS Human InvestEva P Svennson of EPS Human Invest is delighted to be a Co-operation Partner of Dalar since the work we do so much resonate with her own values, with simple but effective tools. Our facilitation helps our client to tap into their own potential. Whether we carry out an in-house development program or a workshop our participants find their own answers to solve whatever challenge they working to solve or overcome.

Eva graduated as an authorized trainer of the Genuine Contact Program in 2005. When she first came in contact with Genuine Contact she knew she was ”home”. The underlying values and principles fit with her own world view. An important aspect is the trust in the people of an organization to have the answers.

With her work with the Genuine Contact program, she has tools, techniques and an approach to helping the people find their answers, an approach that she values more than believing that a so-called expert can come in and provide the answers. When the answers come from within, the people are engaged in the solutions and in implementing the solutions. What we do is to facilitate processes so that this knowledge has the possibility to come up to the surface. We work with courageous leaders who dare to invite the wisdom of the group.

Leadership is essential for Eva – leaders worth following and leaders who create co-leaders. In Sweden we have a world – medarbetarskap – this could be translated to ”co-worker-ship” i.e it’s not just the managers that leads – everyone in an organization is a leader.

Eva’s role is to inspire, provide working structures and methods, and questions that open up new opportunities , broaden horizons and create conditions for conscious decisions. She works with individual, group and organizational development, engaging in coaching and large group processes. Her favorite meeting process is Open Space Technology as it provides the opportunity for everyone speak up and share their wisdom. It provides the opportunity for conversations that matter, inviting listening as well as contribution.

Eva is the founder and president of EPS Human Invest AB with a background in HR and with a Bachelor degree of Science in Human Resource Development and Labour Relations, Personnel Management combined with an MBA . She has worked with startups, in the industrial sector, in sales and retail intensive business and has more than 30 years experience working both as a HR Director and as a consultant. She has been published with an e-book called ”Från grupp till team”.

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