Gesunde OrganisationenMonika Himpelmann of Gesunde Organisationen (Healthy Organizations) feels honored to be a co-operation Partner of Dalar as Birgitt and Ward are amongst my most important teachers. The participants of the workshops in our common offerings have benefitted greatly from the holistic approach that Dalar stands for. Even years later I am still told how these people are applying what they have learned in their respective fields of work.

I graduated as Trainer of the Genuine Contact Program in 2004. When I took the first workshop of the Genuine Contact Program I was immediately drawn to the holistic approach of working. The methods and tools are easy to use yet they allow for deep transformation. The participatory way of working allows leaders and participants to develop and brings them closer to what is cited very often but very rarely implemented: using their full potential to the benefit of their organization.

I have worked in an environment where I always had to be very flexible: as head of administration in an organization that managed 8 enterprises at the same time, as project worker in sustainability projects with an huge range of topics, as developer of a workflow-system for several organizations. This way of working always involved a lot of people and was not so easy sometimes – so effectively working with a lot of people was something I was really looking for as a field of development. And I found it with the Genuine Contact approach 17 years ago.

Since those times I have been able to work with people nationally as well as internationally in a variety of projects and consulting assignments as facilitator, trainer and in organizational development. I believe that people with increased consciousness contribute to a sustainable world, sustainability being one of my major values. The Genuine Contact approach fosters conscious development.

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Gesund Organisationen, Cooperation PartnerGesunde Organisationen (Healthy Organizations)