Isabella Klien, Dalar Co-Operation PartnerDr. Isabella Klien of klien + team Holistische Organisationsberatung in Austria admires Birgitt and Ward’s work and commitment and shares their beliefs and values. Having worked with the GC Approach and having trained the GC Program since 2005 she has gained a lot of experience. Her special focus on ethical leadership delivers an additional benefit to her clients.

She graduated in 2004 as a GC trainer. Since then she has been using the medicine wheel tool and all the other tools in hundreds of different cases very successfully. She has been training the GC Program, teaching the rich and extraordinary contents and has inspired many others to become GC Professionals and Trainers. She loves using the Genuine Contact Approach because this work has a huge positive impact on her clients and herself and interfuses one’s whole life.

Her business slogan is: „Lead ethically. Flourish on all levels.“ Her passion as a holistic organizational developer is to assist organizations in improving their ethical leadership. She does pioneer work in the „Economy for the Common Good“ (ECG) that advocates an ethical economic model in which the wellbeing of people and the environment become the ultimate goal of business.

Being a business economist on the one hand and a Buddhist and shamanic practitioner, on the other hand, she has always been a bridge builder between the worlds: the world of money and the world of values. Due to their underlying attitude and the holistic tools, the Genuine Contact Approach, as well as the ECG, are her perfect companions in serving her purpose.

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Klien + Team, Dalar Cooperation Partnerklien + team Holistische Organisationsberatung
Salzburg, Austria