Lucas Cioffi, Co-Operation PartnerLucas has worked with the Genuine Contact program for two years, providing infrastructure for many of its online gatherings through QiqoChat.  The Genuine Contact program was one of the early adopters of QiqoChat, seeing that the tool was configurable and could support deeper personal connections between participants.

QiqoChat has benefited by having the Genuine Contact program as a collaborator these past two years.  Members of the program are highly trained facilitators who have shared particularly helpful insights and influence the evolution of the platform so that it can support the needs of facilitators who bring people together for highly engaging conversations.

About Lucas

For four years at the United States Military Academy and then for five years as an infantry officer I learned how to prepare teams for operating in a hostile environment.  I deployed for one year to a forward operating base in a part of Iraq with extreme poverty.

Living in a combat zone has taught me a deep empathy and to take very little for granted.

After completing military service, I was drawn to building software because of its highly collaborative nature and because of its potential to help people tackle big problems.

I am so thankful to work at QiqoChat, where every day I get to help people who are creating the future for their organizations and communities.  These are facilitators who are connecting, bridging, and inspiring others to work together.

Now due to the global pandemic, organizations around the world are trying to harness the collective intelligence of their members to overcome increasingly daunting challenges.  Our most important role at Qiqo is to be a robust platform for facilitators who are bringing people together in new and inspired ways.

Instead of searching for a single best way to run online events, we empower facilitators to explore (and create!) the leading edge of online facilitation by configuring their events how they see fit.  We learn what works and then build that into the platform for other facilitators to use as quickly as we can.  Our company has lasted seven years because we are fortunate to have customers who are as driven to make a difference as we are.

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