Michael Vinson, Cooperation PartnerBeing a Co-operation Partner with Dalar International Consultancy is important to me as we have worked together for many years on many projects and workshops, creating a greater impact than either party would achieve on their own. We are aligned in our values, in doing our best work to make a positive difference, and in our integrity. This Co-operation Partnership has the added benefit for me with an international consulting company, of being able to call on resources from around the world in developing, implementing and evaluating programs and projects to organizations who are looking for highly participative methodologies to achieve and define their goals.  These methodologies are tried and true and have demonstrated success around the world.  This is true for organizations looking to discern next steps forward as well as for those who would participate in one of the many workshops and trainings offered by Dalar.

I have been an authorized  trainer of the Genuine Contact program since 2002. Using the Genuine Contact program is an asset to me in the work I do in helping individuals and organizations discern next steps in  their lives or their organization.  The Genuine Contact Program offers methodologies that get to the heart of the matter, involves the whole person and the whole system in solving problems to discerning next steps.  The methodologies are highly participative, build consensus, improve team spirit, and offer solid results.  The program has been successful all over the globe.

I have been a spiritual seeker all of my life and now find myself working within the institutional church to support the church and other spiritual seekers find their calling as congregations and as individuals.  I work to help individuals develop their own spiritual health and fitness and I work with congregations to discern their mission, develop leadership to accomplish the mission, to see where that might take them into the future and to draw together a community to accomplish their mission.

My training in education, public health, theology and the Genuine Contact methodologies all work together to provide a holistic approach to problem solving, mission discernment and discovering one’s personal calling from God.  I am currently serving as President of Bog Chapel which is an educational organization devoted to teaching spiritual health and fitness skills.  I am a trainer of the Bog Chapel Spiritual Fitness program and spiritual guide for those seeking a deeper sense of their spirit and what Spirit is calling them to do in the world.

I currently serve as the Staff Resource for Mission Discernment and Development for the Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Arkansas.  My work centers around helping congregations discern next steps in ministry using holistic methodologies of the Genuine Contact program to assess, discern and develop new ministries in local congregations.

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J Michael Vinson, Dalar Cooperation PartnerJ Michael Vinson
Arkansas, USA