Thomas Herrmann, Open Space ConsultingThomas Herrmann of Open Space Consulting AB is happy and honoured to be a Co-operation Partner of Dalar International Consultancy. We know each other well from many years of collaboration, so we understand and respect each other. Together we deliver sustainable powerful results to our clients.

I graduated as an authorized trainer of the Genuine Contact program in 2001.

For more than 15 years all of my professional life is based on Genuine Contact. The program has given me practical tools to facilitate groups and organizations in all possible situations, opening space for people to contribute with their best. The approach gives me confidence and strength to challenge organizations to walk into the unknown being curious. Working the Genuine Contact way creates outstanding results!

For me it’s important to be in harmony and balance in my whole life, in order to deliver my best as mentor to leaders and organizations. So, to the best of my ability I take care of myself. The longer I have been consulting for organizations, the more time I use to prepare before as well as on the day of a facilitation. I do this to be able to be in genuine contact with myself, people I meet and the situation I end up in – and to deliver my best.

Through all the years that I have been working in different settings I met people who want to contribute more but are not genuinely invited in. There is so much lost potential and so much lost hope – it’s sad. So I am passionate to create ways to invite more people into becoming active participants developing our society to something better for all.

I am a networker! I love to learn together with other people, look for and find synchronicities and to build alliances. I am totally confident that the more I give to others the more comes back to me – in one way or another. So I have a strong reputation to be a person who shares generously.

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