Providers of Goodness is a global platform for design innovation. With our branding, graphic design, social technology, and environmental expertise, we work on 4D Design projects related to social entrepreneurship, organizational transformation, and education for global leadership.

Providers of Goodness, Dalar and Genuine Contact

Our work is fueled by Genuine Contact and other social technologies that guide group processes. In the international collaboration with Dalar we focus on leadership programs, specifically for the Asian market.

As of April 2019, Providers of Goodness has three Genuine Contact trainers within the organization. We have found this to be a tremendously valuable investment, both to grow leadership capacity within our own organization, and to be able to offer leadership development within our ‘4D Design’ services to our clients. We find the Genuine Contact tools to be powerful in creating a transformative process while remaining very practical and easy to use.

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Providers of Goodness, Dalar Cooperation PartnerProviders of Goodness is based in Norway and Korea. They are developing projects globally, in various countries and offer services in English, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch.