Relasjonsutvikling, Dalar Co-operation PartnerHege Steinsland of Relasjonsutvikling SA believes that in her Co-operation Partnership with Dalar she has access to a huge amount of competence even though she often work alone with her clients. This helps her to be more grounded and raises the quality of her work with our clients.

Together, we are stronger through sharing knowledge and being helpful to each other. Thanks to Dalar, the Genuine Contact program was created, a program that I use to frame my work. Dalar has trained a number of people worldwide as Genuine Contact trainers, and the authorized trainers continue on in training others. This worldwide network of Genuine Contact trainers is also a source through which I stay grounded. We assist each other in raising the quality of work with our clients for the best possible outcomes.

I graduated as an authorized Genuine Contact trainer in 2014. I am the founder of Relasjonsutvikling in Norway in 2011 after 12 years of pedagogical work and 10 years in a leadership position in the Church of Norway. I studied Gestalt counseling and Relational leadership. I work with groups and organizations in public, private and non-profit sectors in Norway.

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Relasjonsutvikling, Dalar Cooperation PartnerRelsjonsutvikling SA