A photo of Rachel Bolton standing outside with greenery in the background.Rachel Bolton is a senior consultant and facilitator with Dalar International Consultancy and has been a member of the Dalar team since 1998 including more than a decade as the Production Director. As Production Director, Rachel has been an integral part of the team at Dalar during the co-founding of the Genuine Contact™ Program, a holistic approach to leadership and organizational development which now has a worldwide following. Today, she carries out her work as senior consultant and facilitator based on this approach in her coaching, meeting facilitation, strategic planning, leadership development and organizational development work. Most of her work is carried out online, for clients around the globe, using her skillfulness in meeting the needs of multi-cultural organizations.

Rachel favors taking on assignments that are complex, getting great joy out of unravelling the threads of the complexity to assist clients find elegant yet simple solutions. She loves helping her clients find the best path forward for themselves at this time, with a perspective of helping them be the best version of themselves, individually and as an organization. She makes the complex simple.

Rachel is also the Director of the international Genuine Contact Organization, a global community of more than a thousand consultants, coaches, leaders, and facilitators whose work is rooted in the Genuine Contact way of working. Under her leadership as Director, the organization is growing and evolving including transforming itself at present to a membership organization.

The international Genuine Contact Organization carries its work out in a number of countries with consistent results cross-culturally. A multicultural group now co-owns the Genuine Contact program and leads its ongoing development through their own ‘walking their talk’ as an organization in relation to what the professionals teach. Rachel has been a Co-Owner of the program since 2007.

Rachel graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, specializing in Production Direction in Multimedia. She is also a graduate of the Institute of Nutrition as a certified health coach and an authorized trainer of the Genuine Contact program.

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Rachel Bolton is a proud Co-Owner of Genuine Contact