These five beliefs inform our way of working, and are one of the core concepts of the Genuine Contact™ program, and covered in a substantial way in The Genuine Contact Way Book.

These beliefs, when applied, assist our clients in understanding and working with new solution focused methods that have proven to be highly effective and easily replicated within their organizations. By expanding the perspectives of our clients as to how to approach problem-solving founded in these truths their capacity to work in a performance environment of constant change is strengthened.

  1. We believe that every organism (including the organization) has within it the blueprint for its own optimal health and balance. We trust the people in the organization to know what is needed for optimal effectiveness. Building on the strengths within the organization is a key to optimal effectiveness.
  2. We believe that focusing on genuine contact enables individuals and organizations to achieve the individual and organizational health and balance that is needed for optimal effectiveness. Positive change in the organization is directly linked to positive change in individuals. Both are required for sustainable new ways of working.
  3. We believe that Spirit or spirit matters (conscious energy), that through spirit or Spirit all of creation is connected, and that people are precious. Our experience is that strategies based on these values have exciting, tangible results.
  4. We believe that change with its accompanying loss, grief work, and conflict is constant. Individuals and organizations that develop mastery in working with change can sustain optimal effectiveness. These leaders and organizations recognize that change cannot be managed, that energy spent trying to manage change is wasted energy, and that productive use of individual and organizational energy is achieved by working with change rather than against it.
  5. We believe in keeping it simple. Simple frameworks and processes enable success with complex situations. In keeping it simple, we recognize that any sustainable change must begin from the inside and cannot be externally initiated or driven.

By working explicitly with these beliefs, we support organizations and the people within them to tap into the collective wisdom of the whole, to uncover solutions to your organizational challenges that are unique and designed specifically for your organization, and to build capacity and deepened ongoing participation throughout the organization while our work together is being done.

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