Values form the basis of an organization’s assumptions and actions and these values must be in alignment with the underlying purpose for the organization to thrive in a constantly changing work environment.

With decades of experience in working with our clients, we have distilled the values we base all of our work on to these:

1. We Value Simplicity

We keep it simple. We understand that simple frameworks, tools, and processes are required to assist our clients to sort their way through complexity. We recognize that if the consultancy processes are complex, unnecessary confusion gets created.

2. We Value Participation by All Stakeholders

We use highly effective participative meetings that enable the organization to draw upon the wisdom and experience already present in the organization. Meeting processes must engage the people who are involved in fulfilling the purpose of the organization and who must strive to accomplish the vision. Resistance to change is decreased using this approach. Conflict is also decreased.

3. We Value Developing Capacity

In all of our work, while guiding and assisting leadership, we simultaneously build capacity in the organization so that it can sustain the gains made by involving us. The capacity building that we do involves skill, competency, and capability development to support positive change and growth. We believe that change must be led from inside of the organization so our role is one of assistance, guidance, and capacity development towards improved performance. Our philosophy and methods support internal direction rather than external direction to bring about change.

4. We Value Mentoring

We mentor leaders to guide their organization for sustained success building on the gains created during our involvement with the organization. We support the development of peer to peer mentoring circles to support ongoing learning, development, and success.

By working explicitly with these values, we support organizations and the people within them to tap into the collective wisdom of the whole, to uncover solutions to your organizational challenges that are unique and designed specifically for your organization, and to build capacity and deepened ongoing participation throughout the organization while our work together is being done.

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