Are you self-employed or a business owner?

You’re out at a party or function at your kid’s school.  You meet someone new and invariably the question comes up ‘So, what do you do?” If you’ve just recently started working for yourself, odds are your reply is “Oh, I’m self-employed” or “I’m a freelancer.” And you leave it at that. If that’s your go-to answer, you’re doing yourself … Read More

Is Micromanaging Sabotaging Your Small Business?

One of the big leaps when you are growing a small business is the move from doing everything yourself to hiring people to do some of the work for you.  It might be work that you really don’t like doing (like bookkeeping or filing).  It might be work that you don’t know how to do or don’t do very well … Read More

The Project Management Problem for Small Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, I’m familiar with just how many great ideas you have for your small business.  The ideas that pop into your head in the shower…during meditation…on a long walk…while having dinner with the family. The next great idea for a product or service that’s going to make you successful. Put your business on the map. Make you a … Read More

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