How to (Finally) Take Action

  One of the biggest struggles of being a small business owner is actioning all of your great ideas.  They come to you in the shower…or while you’re driving…or you’re suddenly awake at 3am.  It’s a brilliant idea that you know is going to help move your business towards success. But day, weeks or months go by and it continues … Read More

What’s Your Inspiration?

As a solo-entrepreneur or small business owner, it’s critical to have inspiration.  Inspiration that you can draw upon when the going gets tough. And there are always tough moments when you have a small business, especially in the early days. You need inspiration to draw upon to rally your energy and finish out that project late in the night.  You … Read More

Why You Don’t Need a Business Plan

I was at a networking lunch recently, listening to someone teach about business planning. “every business needs a business plan” they said and then went on to explain what a business plan includes. It was the typical stuff: mission vision market analysis financials etc. I was looking around the room at these women, most of whom were network marketers or … Read More

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