Be In Your Power – What does it mean?

Be In Your Power

To be in your power. What picture does it bring up? Speaking up for yourself. Standing firmly for what you believe. Being clear about who you are. Speaking your truth.  Or maybe something else.  Maybe it sounds like personal development buzzwords that don’t really mean much to you.

How about to be in your power as a leader? What does that mean to you? Is a leader who is in their power someone you admire? Or someone you want to avoid?

If you’re reading this, you are a leader.  You are the leader of your life.  You might be a leader in a relationship, in your family, a team, group or organization too.

And being a leader who knows how to be in your power is an important leadership capacity.

As a leader, being in your own power means knowing when to sit on your hands, trust your team to do what they are good at, and let the work unfold.  It also means knowing when a course-correct is needed and how to step in to offer this guidance and navigation in a positive way. It means being able to hold the vision of where you are going clearly in a way that others can see it and be a part of getting there…even when an unexpected change shakes things up or it feels like you’re never going to meet those goals. As a leader, to be in your power means to say yes clearly and definitively when it’s right to say yes, and to say no clearly and definitively when it’s right to say no.

Being an extraordinary leader in these times of constant change is a tall order. It all starts with being in your own power, which is rooted in being in your own health and balance.

To be in your Power start with Health and Balance

To be in your power starts with being in your personal health and balance. Being healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  And being able to come back into balance as quickly and efficiently as possible when something knocks you off your center.

It is only from good health and balance that it becomes easy to be in your power.  To be calm and steady within yourself and show up fully outside of yourself.  To be the leader who will best lead your life, in a relationship, in your family, a team, group or organization that guides and inspired towards fulfilling purpose and accomplishing vision every day.

Health and balance tends to focus mainly on our physical health – everyone knows that you should eat healthily, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.  Rarely is there focus on the other parts of the human being: our mental, emotional and spiritual health.  We believe that true health and balance is about being healthy in all of these ways.  And that from being healthy in all of those ways, it is possible to be in your power with ease and grace.

Individual health and balance are achieved and sustained by focusing on 2 key elements: your regular personal practice and a holistic framework that guides you in creating a plan for long-term health and balance.

A regular personal practice is what you do daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally to take care of yourself.  The holistic framework supports you to ensure that you are paying attention to all of the parts of your being.

Strengthen Your Individual Health and Balance

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