Beliefs for Nourishing a Culture of Leadership

Beliefs for Nourishing a Culture of LeadershipSuccessful Change Is Dependent On A Change In Beliefs

In our upcoming book tour, we are promoting a change in the current commonly held leadership paradigm, expanding the work of leaders from ‘leading so people will follow’ to ‘leading so people will lead’. This is an invitation to different actions and behaviors by formal leaders and by the people they lead. Successful change in actions and behaviors requires that the individuals involved change their thinking  and conceptual models about leadership. Okay, changing thinking and conceptual models about leadership is one step, and definitely not sufficient on its own. It is the change in beliefs that is fundamental to any successful and sustainable change to embrace and work in a new paradigm.

Book Tour Three Hour Workshop: Beliefs for Nourishing a Culture of Leadership

The promotional tour for The Genuine Contact Way in most tour venues includes a three hour interactive workshop to provide participants the opportunity to explore beliefs, this fundamental step to embracing change.


Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the impact of underlying beliefs about organizations, held by leaders and held by the people within an organization. The five beliefs of the recently released The Genuine Contact Way will be presented to provoke thought and discussion. The five beliefs to be explored will be presented in the context of nourishing a culture of leadership, an essential leadership competency for leading today’s organizations.

Leadership Challenge: Examining Underlying Beliefs

The culture of leadership is presented as being essential for achieving agile, flexible, and transparent organizations that achieve their purpose consistently even in times of constant change. Basic to nourishing a culture of leadership is the examination of underlying beliefs and the implications of those beliefs on the success of nourishing a culture of leadership.

Expected Outcomes

This three hour mini-workshop is intended to provide a positive impact for formal leaders and for anyone throughout the organization who has a leadership role in their ability to embrace and work within the new leadership paradigm of ‘leading so people will lead’.


The workshop will be highly interactive, geared to different learning styles, and provide concepts for immediate use. Facilitation method for the workshop is Whole Person Process Facilitation.

The workshop is based on the Genuine Contact way of living and working.

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