We understand that you know your industry and your organization better than anyone else does. We also know that engaging people as you go is critical in closing any gap between the potential you know is possible and the results you are currently achieving. Your power is in your people. The benefit from working with us is in accessing that power in more effective and consistent ways.

Accessing The Business Solution Within

As consultants, we respect that the solutions to any situation exist within the organization. We also know that change of any kind must be led from within the organization for successful accomplishment. We use tools and processes to engage people to access the solutions that are just right for you. With the expertise of your people, we don’t need to be content experts. You and your people are.
The value we add is:
  • our process of helping you gain clarity on identifying the right business or development goal
  • our knowledge of what it takes to be successful with change and organizational transformation
  • participatory processes designed for engagement
  • increasing organizational and leadership capacity as we work with you
  • how we work with the dynamics of organizational life cycle
  • how we work with the dynamics of organizational culture that exists to make the shift to a culture of leadership

You won’t ever be sent a junior level consultant. You receive the services of our senior consultants and benefit from their training, experience, and wisdom.

Identifying The Right Business Goal

You and your team receive guidance from us at the beginning of our work with you to identify the right business goal that you need help with. Often, the right business goal is hidden behind pressing challenges that seem to be the problem. We work with you to distill your goal so that as well as being the right one, it is easy for you to communicate with your people why you are engaging consultants and what you want to accomplish. We assist you in avoiding the mess that comes from addressing the wrong problem. We keep your goal in the forefront, ensuring that everything we do is designed to accomplish the goal.
We do not use a ‘cookie cutter’ approach of ‘one size fits all’. We plan, design and customize our work with you to ensure it is the best possible approach to accomplishing your business goal. We go over the process design with you, explaining why the various steps are included, what they are intended to accomplish, and the outcomes anticipated. From this conversation, adjustments get made based on our process expertise combined with your in depth knowledge of your organization.

Increasing Organizational Capacity

Your organization gets strengthened by us as we work together.. Without additional cost to you, as we work with you we develop the capacity in your people to sustain the results of what is accomplished. We share tips, tricks of the profession, multi-purpose tools and processes to equip your people in sustaining the results. The tools and processes are simple, easy to learn, and easy to duplicate as needed throughout your organization. You benefit from the work we have done over the years to make tools and processes simple to learn and easy to use, significantly reducing the learning curve by the people who work with us and must sustain the results.
We do not go in, stir up anxieties, and then end with a typical consultants report. Rather, people have been informed about why we are engaged and what is meant to be accomplished; our processes engage people as we go, reducing the need for an investment in getting to alignment afterwards, and there is transparency along the way so that there are no surprises after receiving our reports.
We hold ourselves accountable for accomplishing your goal. Sometimes this means adjusting the design as we go along and more information comes to light. All adjustments and the rationale are gone over with you and your team as we progress.

Getting Started

We offer a variety of customized services to support you in achieving your business goals. You can explore these offerings here or contact us to discuss your specific business needs.