Aligning Responsibility, Accountability, and Authority For Optimal Performance

One of the things I feel most strongly about when we are assisting organizations to transform is to align responsibility with authority and accountability for high performance. We’ll unpack these definitions further later. Keep these simple definitions in mind as we explore this idea together. Responsibility: A duty or task that you are required or expected to do Authority: The power to … Read More

The Pause…Important in Conflict Prevention

Learning about conflict and strategies and techniques for helping people resolve conflict in organizations also meant that I would benefit from being better equipped for resolving conflict in my own life. What I didn’t anticipate, and has been of exceptional value to me, is that my learning about conflict resolution has resulted in conflict prevention too. When I integrated the … Read More

Scope of Work? Is it right for what you really want to accomplish?

A consultant I am mentoring begins a recent session wanting help in sorting out a proposal she is working on. She received a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is having to make sense of what it is asking for. I have reviewed the RFP and her draft outline for her proposal. Our conversation begins. This is the discernment time that … Read More

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