The Pause…Important in Conflict Prevention

Learning about conflict and strategies and techniques for helping people resolve conflict in organizations also meant that I would benefit from being better equipped for resolving conflict in my own life. What I didn’t anticipate, and has been of exceptional value to me, is that my learning about conflict resolution has resulted in conflict prevention too. When I integrated the … Read More

Scope of Work? Is it right for what you really want to accomplish?

A consultant I am mentoring begins a recent session wanting help in sorting out a proposal she is working on. She received a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is having to make sense of what it is asking for. I have reviewed the RFP and her draft outline for her proposal. Our conversation begins. This is the discernment time that … Read More

Organizational Wellness and Optimal Performance

Do you know how to figure out if your team is in a state of health and balance? Or whether it is out of health and balance? Would it matter if you did? There is a direct relationship between organizational wellness and optimal performance. Yet, a quick google search of “organizational wellness and optimal performance” yields results that focus almost … Read More

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