The Pause…Important in Conflict Prevention

Learning about conflict and strategies and techniques for helping people resolve conflict in organizations also meant that I would benefit from being better equipped for resolving conflict in my own life. What I didn’t anticipate, and has been of exceptional value to me, is that my learning about conflict resolution has resulted in conflict prevention too. When I integrated the … Read More

Organizational Wellness and Optimal Performance

Do you know how to figure out if your team is in a state of health and balance? Or whether it is out of health and balance? Would it matter if you did? There is a direct relationship between organizational wellness and optimal performance. Yet, a quick google search of “organizational wellness and optimal performance” yields results that focus almost … Read More

Getting Beyond Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance! What is it? Why does it matter in the success of teams, families, communities and organizations? One of the biggest barriers to organizational health and balance (organizational well being) is cognitive dissonance. It is valuable to develop awareness about it and how to work to get beyond the effects of it. Especially if you are engaged in leadership … Read More

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