Are Leaders Ready to Lead So People Will Lead?

I am an advocate of a leadership culture in which leadership is carried out in such a way that it supports people throughout the organization, regardless of title, to develop their leadership. In supporting people to develop their leadership, these leaders create a leadership culture where people will lead, rather than follow. It creates unique conditions for the people in … Read More

Leaving Behind Destructive and Limiting Patterns and Beliefs

In the course of leading my life, I have made it a practice to leave behind destructive and limiting patterns and beliefs. I can only leave these behind when I am aware that I am in a destructive and limiting pattern or belief. Coming across one of these can be distressing or even shocking. Watching how something has played out … Read More

Working with Nature – A Leadership Capacity

I felt that this conversation in a recent peer with peer mentoring circle was valuable to share with you, worthy of consideration for your life, and for your work. The topic that came up was about developing our leadership to work with nature rather than against artificially working against nature. We used the four seasons as an example to stimulate … Read More

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