Collective Intelligence: Part Four

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A gift to the human race

I was also grateful to receive news in 1991 that it was time for the Medicine Wheel to be given by the red race of the native people to be used by the full human race. The red race had so carefully preserved this knowledge for the human race for millennia so that it could again be used for the creating a life nurturing future for the human race. I am so deeply grateful for this gift to the human race. I recognize that not all native peoples are in agreement with this gift being used by the entire human race. I can only express my gratitude, and remember that at one time, we all had this knowledge. I am deeply grateful to the native peoples for preserving it, for when humanity needed this gift.

Medicine Wheel

I worked with the Medicine Wheel to apply it to achieving healthy and balanced sustainable organizations. The first published article on this topic, co-written with my colleague Larry Peterson, was published by Berrett-Koehler in their journal At Work in November 1999 after considerable research by Larry and I. Contact me at for a copy of this article if you are interested in reading what we learned.


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