We offer five learning streams, each designed to develop and expand your leadership capacity for meeting specific business development goals. Each of the five is designed to increase your  focus on developing your capacity for leading and working in the leadership and organizational culture of "Leading So People Will Lead". Contact us for a complimentary mentoring session to choose the learning stream or individual module that is right for you at this stage of your development. Together, we also take into account the stage of development of your team, business unit, or organization on its path of creating, nourishing, and sustaining a culture of leadership..

Next Level Leadership: Orientation and Readiness

This learning stream gets you ready for your own leadership for leading so people will lead. It's a deep exploration into what next level leadership is and what it expects from you as a leader, covered in five modules. This learning stream guides you through what you need to consider, as well as providing tips, tools, concepts, and knowledge that will be important to you in your leadership....whether you make the choice to shift to the new leadership paradigm or to stay with what you currently have.

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Developing Leadership of Self as a Leader

When choosing to go ahead with making the shift to "Leading So People Will Lead", it is important to equip yourself with specific knowledge, tools, and processes, for developing yourself as a leader. Whether you are a formal leader in an organization or not, you are a leader who can benefit from enhanced skills and capacity for leadership. You lead your own life, you are a leader within your family, and perhaps in organizations you volunteer with. This learning stream offers you comprehensive learning in essential leadership skills and capacities for your self as a leader both professionally and personally.

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Developing Leadership for Meetings

Leading so people will lead requires the consistent use of effective and engaging participatory processes that invite the whole person to give the best to their work. Whether it's a 1:1 meeting or a whole team, meetings are where work gets done.  Developing leadership for meetings means increasing your capacity to facilitate effective and engaging participatory processes that make the most of the time you spend together.

This learning stream offers you comprensive learning in essential meeting faciliation skills for engaging the whole system, collaborative processes that access the collective wisdom of your teams, and reduce or resolve conflict in the workplace.

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Developing Leadership for Processes

When choosing to go ahead with making the shift to "Leading So People Will Lead", you need to equip yourself with knowledge and tools to carry out your business processes in a way that engages this leadership in people, supporting them to get the job done benefiting from their best.

This learning stream offers you the opportunity to learn how to facilitate key business processes in alignment with a culture of leadership. You will learn how to work with business processes within a holistic framework that engages people in their work and in the organization. You will learn how to work with the business processes in ways that engage the people in developing the goals, in the processes, and in getting the work done from their best.


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Developing Leadership for Sustainability

Developing leadership for sustainability is the ability to continually navigate change and regenerate your organization's health and balance...all while achieving your business goals.

This learning stream offers you comprehensive learning in simple and duplicable tools and processes that are adaptable to organizations of all sizes and types for continually sustaining your organization's peak performance while maintaining a life-nurturing environment.

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Learning Framed for Thriving in Constant Change

In every session with us, whether online or face-to-face opportunities, we frame the training within a change framework to strengthen the skills and capacity of our participants for working with change and learning to thrive within the performance environment of constant change. We consider that increasing the capacity of our participants to lead and thrive in change is one of the most important 'side effects' of participating in any of our modules.

Rooted in Genuine Contact™

Dalar's learning streams are rooted in Genuine Contact.  Each module is either from the Genuine Contact Program or the Genuine Contact way.

Modules from the Genuine Contact Program were developed by Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams. Many leadership theorists and organizational development consultants talk about WHAT is needed for organizations of all kinds to thrive in today’s internal and external environments of constant change. The Genuine Contact Program provides you with tools, techniques, and concepts of HOW to do so.

Modules from The Genuine Contact Way are created by Birgitt Williams with the support of Ward Williams and Rachel Bolton, teach concepts and methods that support you in creating and nourishing a culture of leadership within your organization. Workshops are based on the teaching in The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership, written by Birgitt Williams.

The learning streams were designed in a modular way with intention. You will find that what you learn in each module is simple to use and easy to duplicate. Taken together in a learning stream, you have the opportunity to deepen your learning in a particular area of focus.

Get Started In Your Learning Today

When you sign up for a learning module or complete learning stream, you will receive immediate access to the online Learning Hub for the module. The Learning Hub provides an easy to access portal containing information for proceeding through the learning of that module. On the Learning Hub page, you will find

  1. guidance for getting into self-preparation and readiness  relating your own development goals to learning the module
  2. access to training videos and accompanying resources for self-study
  3. details about joining real-time online workshop sessions (if these are included in your chosen module)
  4. invitation to the next real-time online facilitated mentoring circle. Learning and learning application are discussed in the mentoring circle with other current learning module participants as well as alumni of the program.

Real-Time Learning Opportunities

Our learning programs can include:

  • self-study learning with annual mentoring circles only
  • a combination of self-study learning, real-time online workshops, and annual mentoring circles
  • a combination of self-study learning, small-group residential learning intensives, and annual mentoring circles

The self-study and real-time learning participation for each learning module is identified in its program description. Check out the description of the module for information about what the module contains, the benefits of taking the module, the anticipated time that you will need to invest to go through your learning of the module, and registration information. Some modules require pre-requisites.

All modules are rooted in the Genuine Contact way, a holistic approach to organizational success that supports creating and nourishing a culture of leadership. A culture of leadership is needed for today's organizations that must be agile, flexible, resilient and able to thrive in change. At the core of our work,  is the  Genuine Contact™ Program.

If your goal is to become a trainer in the Genuine Contact Program, please contact us and we can assist you in planning your learning. We invite you to acquaint yourself with the Genuine Contact international Community of Practice.

Learning Retention & Real-Life Application

Our participants want learning retention and support for application of their learning. It's not enough to just learn something, you want to apply your learning in your organization (or organizations you work with) and continue to retain this learning for use long into the future.

To meet this need, the design of the learning package for each module begins by asking you to examine what you want out of the module and why in relation to your own development goals. From the beginning, you are clear about what you are learning, why you are learning it, and how you hope to apply your learning to meet your business or development goal. This clarity supports learning retention and application before you've even begun.

Whether you complete a full learning stream or just participate in a single module, each program includes an opportunity to further process your learning and the application of your learning as the final part of your learning journey. This is achieved through attending a real-time facilitated mentoring circle. Mentoring Circles are offered annually for each learning module, giving you the opportunity to participate at the next scheduled mentoring circle AND annually thereafter. The annual mentoring circles are included within your initial fee. This is a service we offer to assist you with learning retention as well as continued exploration of learning application!

After completing your learning, retention of what you've learned happens best by putting that learning into practice! And then staying engaged annually with the mentoring circles to deepen your learning! In putting your learning into practice, new questions and curiosities emerge.

For our real-time mentoring circles and online workshop sessions, we use Whole Person Process Facilitation as a method to create the best conditions for adult learners to learn, to retrieve their learning, and apply their learning. This method is holistic, engaging mental, emotional, intuitive and physical intelligences.  We stimulate critical thinking, draw out ideas, insights, and underlying assumptions as one of our strategies for learning retention and retrieval. We are adept at ensuring that the needs of adult learners with their different learning styles are met. Participants receive a workout as they learn, develop, and increase their capacity. Whole Person Process Facilitation is a module of the Genuine Contact program.

Looking for An Individual Module?

While we recommend signing up for a complete learning stream to best benefit your learning and development goals, it is also possible to register for an individual module on its own. Visit the module page to find an upcoming date, location, and necessary pre-requisites.

Genuine Contact Program

Genuine Contact Way Workshops

Service Delivery Model
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Evolutionary Spiral
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Operating Matrix
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Participation Options

If we don't have the workshop you are looking for in our upcoming schedule, you can consider:

  • Adding your name to the waiting list. We'll notify you as soon as dates have been scheduled or with enough interested participants schedule a workshop outside of our regular calendar. Just head to the workshop you're interested in and fill in your details.
  • Offering an in-house training. If a group of people in your organization would benefit from learning together, contact us to find out about bringing a workshop in-house. (minimum 6 participants, available worldwide)
  • Sponsoring a workshop in your community. If you are part of a small business, not-for-profit or other community-based organization, consider sponsoring a workshop in your community. We'll provide you with guidance and marketing materials for inviting others to join you in this learning opportunity. With our workshop sponsorship program, you will participate for free and can also earn income from the workshop. Contact us to learn more about sponsoring a workshop (minimum 10 participants, available worldwide).
  • Learn from other Genuine Contact Professionals. While we are the creators of the Genuine Contact Program, there are over 100 authorized trainers with workshops available worldwide. You can see the full program offering here.

At Dalar, we are big believers in whole teams and groups learning together. To support group learning, we are pleased to offer the following team discounts:

  • 20% off for 3-5 participants
  • 40% off for 6-10
  • groups of 11+ to be determined based on groups size

Project, intact, cross-functional, and leadership teams, small organizations, boards, and volunteer groups are some examples of the kinds of groups eligible for these discounts. Contact Rachel Bolton for registration details.

This offer is applicable to Early Bird and Regular Rates of registration. It cannot be combined with any other discounts available (i.e Genuine Contact Organization member discounts).

In-house training and development is the most effective option for medium to large-sized companies, teams and business units who know you need to develop new skills and capacities in your people and in your organization. When multiple people from your organization participate in a learning experience together, there is greater engagement as the learning is applied in real-time to the issues and opportunities your organization is facing. The new skills and capacities are more deeply retained in the organization as multiple participants have shared in the learning experience.

When leaders and managers engage us to come onsite to take a team or even their whole organization through the learning together, it creates the added benefit of team development and organizational development during the learning process.

Contact us to learn more about bringing programs in-house in your organization.

Public Training Programs

Our public training programs are offered throughout the year and are ideally suited for entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, coaches, and consultants. Individuals within larger organizations also benefit when an in-house training isn't the best learning opportunity.

In-person modules are most usually held in North Carolina, USA or Ontario, Canada. If one of our Co-operation Partners is the sponsor, they might be held just about anywhere in the world. Many modules are also offered as self-study or in a live online workshop to meet your learning preferences, schedule, and training budget.

You can see a complete list of our upcoming programs here.