Individual Health and Balance: Foundational Module 3 of the Genuine Contact Program

For Executives, Facilitators, Consultants, Managers, Team Leaders, HR, OD specialists, and anyone engaged in leadership

The learning program includes 9 segments. Approximate times for your work with each segment are suggested, totaling approximately 26 hours of guided learning. The four real-time online sessions are spaced a week apart for the purpose of giving you integration and application time for your learning. Participants report that they feel as though they have the benefit of a month long learning experience even though the real-time online facilitated experience is only 4 hours per week for four consecutive weeks.

  • Segment 1: Self-study video focused on your Business and/or Development Goal. Plan for 1 hour.
  • Segment 2: Self-study video focused on  Find Your Starting Place. Plan for 1 hour.
  • Segment 3: Self-study video focused on Foundations of Individual Health and Balance. Plan for 1 hour.
  • Segment 4: Self-study video focused on Exploring Personal Purpose. Plan for 1 hour.
  • Segment 5: Self-study video focused on Using the Medicine Wheel Tool to Strengthen Individual Health and Balance. Plan for 1 hour.
  • Segment 6: Self-study video focused on Exploring Personal Power. Plan for 1 hour.
  • Segment 7: Self-study video focused on Capacity Development via Noticing. Plan for 30 minutes.
  • Segment 8: Real-time Online Sessions November 24, December 1, 8 & 15, 2023 (8 am - 12 pm EST - check local time zone) with facilitators Rachel Bolton and Birgitt Williams. Learning from the self-study videos is processed during the real time sessions. Additional topics pertaining to Individual Health and Balance as it relates to leadership capacity are covered. Total time 16 hours.
  • Segment 9: Real-time online Mentoring Circle. 3 hours. Next Mentoring Circle April 19, 2024 (9am - 12pm EST)

What is the Invitation?

In personal life, we ask “if you are not in leadership of your life, who or what is?”. In professional life, we ask “to what degree are you using your leadership to be of the greatest value to your work?” Engaging in your leadership is a choice.

Once the choice is made to engage in leadership, you realize that leadership is for the long term. This requires growing your capacity to carry out your leadership. This applies whether or not you are in a formal leadership role in your organization.

By participating in your learning with the module Individual Health and Balance: a key leadership capacity, you equip yourself with tools, tips, practices, and a plan to grow and evolve your skillfulness and capacity for leadership. While learning with us, you feel your capacity growing, and you experience and practice new behaviors and patterns designed to keep you focused on your health and balance daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, and annually.

We focus on leadership development as in leadership in action. This, of course, includes leader development, and so much more for successfully engaging in your leadership.

Why use this approach?

The world is complex. Demands on all individuals are high, often feeling too fast-paced keep up with. Because of the demands and stresses of leadership, you need to take extra care of your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. You need to have the capacity to operate at peak performance for the marathon that leadership is, over the long haul and not just for the short sprint. You need to be at your peak to make good choices and decisions that require your attention at almost every moment.

Using this approach, you will:

  • discover simple and effective concepts, tools, and techniques to achieve individual health and balance
  • experience simple-to-use techniques to support mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and balance
  • develop a plan and the capacity to use what you learn to realign yourself with health and balance whenever you notice yourself slipping or being bumped out of your health and balance
  • increase the capacity for making good choices and decisions
  • develop increased capacity for carrying out your leadership of your private and organizational life
  • discern an understanding of the relationship of your inner growth with the change you are seeking in your life and in your organization
  • experience a complete skill and knowledge module for consultants, managers and leaders that has benefit used on its own or in conjunction with other components of the Genuine Contact Program

Who needs to be involved?

Learning this module on your own develops the person.

Learning this module together with family members develops the individual and the family.

Learning this module together with team members develops the individual and the team.

This module is available in different formats to best suit the learner.

  • Independent learning via self-study plus one-to-one mentoring with an authorized Genuine Contact Trainers.
  • Group learning via self-study plus a real time online or onsite workshop with a group of people (an intact group like a leadership team or family, or a collective of individuals like a public workshop) to benefit from a diversity of perspectives and insights.
  • Group learning via a real-time online or onsite workshop with a group of people to benefit from a diversity of perspectives and insights.

How does it work?

Learning in this module is offered through 6 phases of learning, based on the Evolutionary Spiral. One of the multi-use tools that make up the Genuine Contact Toolkit, the Evolutionary Spiral, it is offered here as a map of your learning and development.

  1. Discernment: You will begin by establishing some baseline measures that capture your perceptions of your current state of health and balance from a holistic perspective. These baseline measures include identifying what you already know and do to maintain your health and balance.
  2. Readiness: You will be presented with five beliefs to examine and consider their implications for your health and balance. These five beliefs inform five significant paths for expanding your capacity with your health and balance in a complex world.
  3. Engagement: You will be taken through a series of activities to engage you with your health and balance. Each activity provides you with a unique lens to view your health and balance and to use the tool or technique provided to increase your capacity for greater health and balance.
  4. Construction: You will have the opportunity to review all that you learned in this module, developing a plan that is uniquely yours for attending to and regenerating your health and balance daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, and annually.
  5. Implementation: You will have the opportunity to implement your plan, enhancing your learning through application.
  6. Monitoring and Adjustment: The plan will include monitoring your progress using the baseline measures that you started with in this module and making adjustments either to how you are implementing your plan and/or to the plan itself. The module is designed with follow-on mentoring circles to support your ongoing learning, monitoring, and adjustment. These mentoring circles include group discussions facilitated by a Genuine Contact Trainer about what has been learned in developing and maintaining your health and balance, and your perspectives of health and balance as a key leadership capacity.


* Early Bird Discount available until November 1, 2023. Regular registration of $1197 thereafter.

Your Facilitators

Birgitt Williams, Workshop FacilitatorBirgitt Williams, as one of the creators of the Genuine Contact program, has skilfully facilitated the Genuine Contact program workshops since 1990 as they were being created, tested, researched for effect, and developed into what became the Genuine Contact program. Birgitt brings her unique skills in assisting people to access their full intelligence individually and collectively. Birgitt is passionate about assisting individuals and organizations of individuals achieve breakthroughs. Birgitt’s lifetime commitment has been to nourishing a culture of leadership.

Rachel Bolton, Workshop FacilitatorInternationally acclaimed life design coach and member of our Dalar team, Rachel Bolton, has worked with clients around the world, assisting each person in creating a unique understanding of their personal state of health and balance, and developing a plan for achieving and sustaining optimum health based on their specific goals. Rachel has also been working alongside the Dalar team, assisting in workshop facilitation since 2005 and has been facilitating Genuine Contact workshops since 2010. Her unique blend of health coaching, mentoring and Genuine Contact training bring high-level insight and practical suggestions. Learn more about Rachel.

* Early Bird Discount available until November 1, 2023. Regular registration of $1197 thereafter.

Supporting Learning in Teams and Groups

At Dalar, we are big believers in whole teams and groups learning together. To support group learning, we are pleased to offer the following team discounts:

  • 20% off for 3-5 participants
  • 40% off for 6-10
  • groups of 11+ to be determined based on groups size

Project, intact, cross-functional, and leadership teams, small organizations, boards, and volunteer groups are some examples of the kinds of groups eligible for these discounts. Contact Rachel Bolton for registration details.

This offer is applicable to Early Bird and Regular Rates of registration. It cannot be combined with any other discounts available (i.e Genuine Contact Organization member discounts).

This Workshop is a Foundational Module of the Genuine Contact Program

Individual Health and Balance is Foundational Module 3 of the Genuine Contact program. Each module provides participants with a complete skill and knowledge set that is beneficial used on its own.The Genuine Contact program was designed in a modular way with intention. It is possible to learn specific modules to achieve specific business goals including leadership development, strategic planning or strategic plan refresh, team development, meeting facilitation or project turnaround. It is possible to learn to work with the entire program to support organizational change and transformation efforts. Each module is also designed to be part of a multi-purpose blended approach and you may find added benefit to take the module in conjunction with other components of the Genuine Contact Program. The workshop module Individual Health and Balance (key to developing leadership capacity) is a pre-requisite for the modules Holistic Leadership Development and Train the Trainer. Contact us to find out what the right ‘bundle’ is to meet your unique development and business goals.

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