This is Organizational Transformation Basics for Success module is important for developing your leadership if you are considering shifting your leadership culture and your organization's culture to one that engages leadership throughout the organization. The shift from "leading so people will follow" to "leading so people will lead" requires knowledge and skills for organizational transformation.

If you are contemplating initiating a change effort for something to change in a community, a team, and organization, or another enterprise big or small, this module has been created for you.

In this module, learn important basics for organizational transformation, what works, what doesn’t work, and how to position your change effort to be one that is successful. A really good first step before charging ahead involves having a framework for the larger scope of what you want to accomplish. This first step, as important as it is to success, is often overlooked and bypassed.

This module provides you with:

  • Tips, tools, and concepts about organizational transformation including System Change
  • Tips, tools, and concepts for successful organizational transformation
  • An understanding of the leadership capacity that must be present for successful change
  • Greater clarity of your thinking about successful organizational transformation
  • A statement of your worldview
  • An understanding of the leadership commitment that must be present for successful transformation
  • A draft of your framework for organizational transformation, created in a way that it can be shared with those you are involving in the change
  • A step by step process design sample for Organizational Transformation
  • Training videos about System Change and Organizational Transformation

Your Complete Learning Package

The complete learning package for Organizational Transformation Basics for Success includes 4 segments:

Segment 1: Getting Ready for Your Learning

Suggested Time: 1 hour | For self-study prior to the rest of your learning

Prepare for your learning experience through a series of readiness exercises. Getting ready for your learning might not be something you’ve thought much about before. We believe taking some time before starting a workshop to get in touch with your personal readiness for learning is an important way to set the foundation for focusing and deepening your learning for the best possible outcomes.

Segment 2: Welcome & Orientation

Suggested Time: 30 minutes | For self-study prior to the rest of your learning

Welcome to Segment 2 of the learning package for Organizational Transformation Basics for Success. You are welcome to your learning journey. In this video, we orient you to your learning materials and the intended progress you will make with your self-study materials.

Segment 3: Words, Concepts & Beliefs

Suggested Time: 2 hours

Understanding what change is including 3 common types of change experienced in organizations and why organizations experience a need to change, exploring your worldview and how it impacts your experience with change - both individually and in organizations, and how you can work with leaders in your organization (or organizations you work with as a consultant) to understand more about change.

Segment 4: Tips, Tools & Knowledge

Suggested Time: 1 hour

Having created a strong foundational understanding of organizational transformation in the previous video, this segment focuses on 8 crucial tips or considerations for implementing successful organizational change.

Segment 5: Mentoring for Learning Application, Retention, Enhancement

3 hours | Facilitated Group Work Experience | Date TBA 2020

One of the things we believe in all of our training is that having ongoing learning opportunities is critical for learning retention, application of your skills, and continually growing your skills and capacities.

When you have the opportunity to gather with others who have also learned a particular skillset - to share your experiences, wisdom, and insights and to ask questions where you still have more to learn - it offers all participants a possibility for ongoing and deepened learning.  As part of our commitment to ongoing learning for your leadership development, you are encouraged to participate in a mentoring circle with a focus on Organizational Transformation Basics.

You also qualify to participate in all mentoring circles about organizational transformation in the future. These mentoring circles are offered without any additional fees for participation.

On registration, you will receive immediate access to the 4 self-study learning tutorials.  These components can be completed at your own pace and include online viewing as well as downloadable video and audio files for offline study. The next real-time online mentoring circle is March 11, 2022.

Take this Learning Module As...


The module is a complete skill and knowledge set that is highly beneficial used on its own.

Part of a Learning Stream

Next Level Leadership - a 5-part self-study learning stream exploring leading so people will lead.

Prepare for Advanced Learning

Important foundational knowledge before participating in Genuine Contact Program modules.

Your Facilitators

Birgitt Williams, Workshop FacilitatorBirgitt is an international management and organizational solutions consultant, author, meeting facilitator, teacher, keynote speaker and executive coach. Her business focus is to assist leaders in closing the gap between their own potential and results, and closing the gap between the potential and results in their organizations. She is an advocate of creating and nurturing a culture of leadership in which every individual and every team works from their authority to carry out the responsibilities that they are accountable for. Birgitt has mastery in possibility thinking and in working with the full potential of both tangible and intangible assets in organizations of all kinds including private sector, public and government sector, communities, consortiums, and strategic collaborations. She is skillful at system change, team cohesion, strategy focus, multi-disciplinary teams and cross cultural work.

Birgitt is a creator of the  Genuine Contact program, Co-owner of the Genuine Contact Group, LLC., President of Dalar International Consultancy, Inc., and author of The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership.

Rachel Bolton, Workshop FacilitatorRachel Bolton is a senior consultant and coach with Dalar International Consultancy, Inc. She specializes in and loves work with Small Businesses, Solo Entrepreneurship, and  Start-Ups. She has worked with leaders, consultants, and their organizations around the world to develop their organizations using our Genuine Contact Way processes and brings this wealth of experience into our workshop.  Her unique blend of coaching and Genuine Contact training bring high-level insight and practical suggestions to this work.

Rachel is the current Director of the Genuine Contact Organization and Program, supporting leaders, consultants and coaches around the world who work with the Genuine Contact program in their organizations.

Supporting Learning in Teams and Groups

On registration, you will receive immediate access to the 3 self-study learning tutorials.  These components can be completed at your own pace and include online viewing as well as downloadable video and audio files for offline study. The next real-time online mentoring circle is March 11, 2022.

At Dalar, we are big believers in whole teams and groups learning together. To support group learning, we are pleased to offer the following team discounts:

  • 20% off for 3-5 participants
  • 40% off for 6-10
  • groups of 11+ to be determined based on groups size

Project, intact, cross-functional, and leadership teams, small organizations, boards, and volunteer groups are some examples of the kinds of groups eligible for these discounts. Contact Rachel Bolton for registration details.

This offer is applicable to Early Bird and Regular Rates of registration. It cannot be combined with any other discounts available (i.e Genuine Contact Organization member discounts).

This is a Genuine Contact Way Workshop

Birgitt Williams, Ward Williams and Rachel Bolton of the Dalar team have created these Genuine Contact Way learning modules with a focus on creating and nourishing a culture of leadership in organizations. We believe that when a culture of leadership exists in an organization, productivity increases, employees work both more effectively and with greater satisfaction on their own and in teams, and the organization thrives. Every Genuine Contact Way module provides participants with a complete skill and knowledge set that is beneficial used on its own. Every module is also designed to be part of a multi-purpose blended approach for leadership and organizational development. You may find added benefit to take this module in conjunction with other Genuine Contact Way modules as well as modules of the Genuine Contact ProgramContact us to find out what the right ‘bundle’ is to meet your unique leadership and organizational development and business goals.

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