developing leadership cards

The Developing Leadership Cards offer you unique opportunities to do just that - continually develop your leadership.

By developing your leadership, you expand your potential. Your life changes as you gain greater insights and capacity for leading your life. Your leadership of your team, organization, congregation, and even your family brings about possibility thinking, transcending ordinary thinking and ordinary results.

You develop your capacity for moving beyond the outdated leadership paradigm ‘lead so people will follow’ to the new leadership paradigm ‘lead so people will lead’. The Genuine Contact Way Leadership Development cards can be used in a number of ways to support you in meeting your leadership development goals.

The deck includes 50 cards, each with a word and image you can reflect on and work with to develop your leadership. The included guidebook offers exercises you can do on your own or with a team to work on leadership development.

Orders are placed through the Print on Demand company Make Playing Cards. Click the image of the cards in the language you prefer to receive the cards in and follow the instructions on their website to complete your purchase.