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I am sitting here listening to the music cd that Ani Williams has created to express her understanding of The Genuine Contact Way. It begins with a song that has the energy for anchoring a person, works its way through songs which take me into an altered state of expanded consciousness, and then works its way back to re-anchoring, except that I don’t get re-anchored in exactly the same state I was in when I began. I was moved by the music to claim more of my whole self. The musician we have chosen has a specialty in choosing sounds that assist the listener to fill in any missing sounds within their personal whole being frequency. In order to understand how this could be so, it is important to understand that everything is energy, everything is vibrational frequency, everything is conscious-energy, everything is Spirit.

I open the Ning site that we have for working on The Genuine Contact Way and look at the art that Laura Bolton has created to express her understanding of The Genuine Contact Way. She has chosen simple figures with an interesting rainbow of colors, reminding me of both the child in each of us and the motion forward that is required of each of us in life. I experience the vibrational frequency of the art and the love that went into creating it. I think it takes courage for an artist to share her art because the moment of sharing is one of pure vulnerability.

I read over the phrases that were contributed by Genuine Contact professionals on their list serve to explain the Genuine Contact Way. When I string them together, they form a poem and I can feel The Genuine Contact Way in the poetry.

Genuine Contact – feel the blessing
Genuine Contact – co-creating miracles
Genuine Contact – the beauty and power of (our) Oneness
Genuine Contact enables souls to dance
Genuine Contact invites us all to stand tall
Genuine Contact resonates at the soul level
genuine contact is my beginning and my end.
genuine contact is my harbour and my home.
genuine contact is my heaven and my earth.
Genuine Contact, heal us home
Genuine Contact is being/ to be who I (really/deeply) am
Genuine Contact makes my heart swing
Genuine Contact is All being One in the Circle
Genuine Contact is the longing of my heart
Genuine Contact makes my heart sing
Genuine Contact accesses power

I sit and take in the music, the art, and the poetry, and I believe that The Genuine Contact Way has been fully expressed. Each viewer/listener can develop their perspective, their meaning of The Genuine Contact Way that is genuine for them. Art in all its forms has always been the way to convey meaning.

And so, the task of finishing the book remains at just this point when I realize that The Genuine Contact Way has already been expressed. It is an interesting position to be in. It is a good thing that we evolved from the writing of a book, to having The Genuine Contact Way Project, with the book being like the hub of the spokes in a wheel. Each spoke leads to a different way of expressing something that is in the book, and the book has a different way of expressing what is in the art. The whole picture cannot be achieved by any part alone, and yet each part is an expression of the whole. This seems to be like the human. The whole picture of the human cannot be achieved by any part alone, and yet each part is an expression of the whole.

Genuine Contact Co-owners, Professionals and Trainers

There is a wonderful community of organizational development professionals who are willing and able to be of service to you and your organization. Some are authorized GC Trainers who can offer training to you in any of the components of the Genuine Contact program. A number of these trainers are the Co-owners of the Genuine Contact Program. There are also a number of Genuine Contact professionals in a number of countries who can provide organizational consulting services and meeting facilitation services using this holistic approach. Every assignment is customized to meet the unique needs of the organization. The Genuine Contact program as a whole is a blended approach allowing this customization by using different and appropriate parts to be the most useful in relation to the business goal that the organization is seeking to solve. Information about this community of professionals is at where GC professionals can self select to have their bio information with the condition that they agree to a standard of quality.

Workshop Spotlight:
The Genuine Contact Way
A holistic approach to organizations
May 6-8 in Berlin, Germany

The Genuine Contact Way e-book will be released just in time for this workshop. The workshop, led by Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, will provide an overview of The Genuine Contact Way. Participants attending this workshop can anticipate:

  • Examining what a holistic approach is, and how to apply a holistic approach to any business challenge facing an organization including sustaining high level performance.
  • Examining the importance of embracing command and the importance of letting go of control.
  • Examination of the worldview of participants regarding organizational leadership and organizational consulting in these times in relation to today’s ‘best practices’.
  • Orientation to the Genuine Contact Way which is made up of a program with 11 components, an approach, and a resulting power.
  • Examination of masculine and feminine relationship to power and how to use personal power effectively in leading organizations.
  • Learning the use of two multi-purpose tools by examining the Genuine Contact Way using two multi-purpose tools: The Medicine Wheel Tool and the Deep Essence Tool of the Genuine Contact program, assisting participants to learn how to use these tools for use beyond the workshop.

Ward Williams and Birgitt Williams believe that all you have learned as Organizational Consultants and all you have learned as Leaders and Managers is valuable and has achieved the results that you have created up to this point in time. They are not teaching from a perspective of replacing what you know and what you do. They teach from a perspective of expanding your perceptual lens, your awareness, your solution focus, and your results using what you already know and going further.

Birgitt Williams
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Birgitt Williams is an international management and organizational solutions consultant, author, meeting facilitator, teacher, keynote speaker and executive coach. Her business focus is to create inspiring work environments that are highly effective in achieving their purpose and fulfilling their vision.

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