Many leadership theorists and organizational development consultants talk about WHAT is needed for organization of all kinds to thrive in today’s internal and external environments of constant change. The Genuine Contact™ program provides you with tools, techniques, and concepts of HOW to do so. It was designed in a modular way with intention. You will find that what you learn in each module is simple to use and easy to duplicate.

Singular modules will be of help if your goals are:

  • shifting from problem focus to solution focus
  • shifting from fragmentation to  connectedness
  • rapid response to opportunities
  • transforming from barely surviving to thriving in constant change
  • overcoming challenges
  • communicating effectively
  • innovation
  • leadership development
  • team development

A blend of modules will be of help if you are wanting to expand your organizational culture to:

  1. Close the gap between potential and results
  2. Nourish a culture of leadership, critically important if you have knowledge, service and technology workers
  3. Develop the capacity of your organization to thrive
  4. Develop leadership for leading in a culture requiring agility, flexibility, and solutions in a performance environment of constant change

Four Pillars of the Genuine Contact Program

The Genuine Contact program is made up of four pillars including eleven components. The four pillars are:

  • Foundational Workshops (four modules)
  • Advanced Skill Development Workshops (five modules)
  • Medicine Wheel Tool (covered in Foundational and Advanced modules)
  • Mentoring Circles (peer to peer mentoring for sustainability)

Every module is designed to provide techniques, tools, and concepts that have multiple applications to engage people and accomplish business and development goals. As well as learning skills and knowledge, participants learning and applying the modules are encouraged to expand their capacity for leadership for thriving in change. Taking the whole series provides a useful, impactful leadership development intensive.

Foundational Module Workshops

The Genuine Contact program foundational workshops are made up of four distinct yet interrelated modules. They also provide the prerequisites necessary for more advanced work with the Genuine Contact program. These modules assist participants to examine the ‘cause’ or ‘root’ behind the operating platform of their organization. The 'cause' or 'root' has a profound effect on results and is worthy of examination. These modules include the opportunity to examine and gain knowledge in holistic leadership of the organization for reducing the gap between potential and results. Graduates leave each of the Foundational Module Workshops ready to use the techniques, tools, and concepts that are learned.

Advanced Module Workshops

The Genuine Contact program advanced skill development workshops are made up of five modules. Each is designed to provide techniques, tools, and concepts that have multiple applications for leadership, facilitation, consulting, and managing. Every module provides a unique set of skills and knowledge as well as developing the leadership capacity of the participant. Graduates of every module leave the workshop ready to put what is learned to immediate use and are encouraged to do so to retain and strengthen their learning retention and personal capacity development. Graduates of the final workshop module, Train the Trainer, are authorized to train others in the whole Genuine Contact program.