The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of LeadershipBirgitt maintains that there is leadership capacity within everyone and that it is time for people to awaken their leadership potential.  According to the author, personal and professional leadership development cannot be separated.  This book offers the reader the opportunity to take a deep dive into the subject of personal and professional leadership development.  Readers are challenged to claim leadership of their lives and their businesses and organizations for the greater well-being of all, including our children and grandchildren.  Readers are offered the opportunity to read a segment, reflect, discuss, and determine what makes sense for them in their personal and professional leadership, as individuals and as teams.

What People Are Saying

The Genuine Contact Way helps individuals, leaders, and organizations look beyond the symptoms and problems that slow the forward progress of an organization and its leaders.  It offers a way for leaders and organizations to connect to the deepest wisdom of people and institutions; develop practices for individual and organizational health and well-being; and attend to the grief and conflict that is always present in growing and changing organizations.  It provides simple frameworks for doing the deep authentic work required for genuine contact and authentic living.  I believe The Genuine Contact Way will empower people and organizations to discern their divine purpose and develop practices that will support their divine calling. – Rev. Michael Vinson, USA

This book invites you to step into your power as the leader of your life, including your professional life.  This explorative journey will be both challenging and difficult at times, but I highly recommend it. – Thomas Herrmann, Sweden

Within the Genuine Contact Way, Birgitt Williams, co-founder of the Genuine Contact™ program and approach, and a principal of Dalar International Consultancy, delves into the underlying principles and beliefs of Genuine Contact. For someone newly introduced to the Genuine Contact Way, she leads you on a journey of understanding the way to achieve a shift in consciousness for personal and organizational breakthroughs. For those already working with the Genuine Contact Program, The Genuine Contact Way gives you insight into the untapped possibilities of the tools and approaches you are already experiencing amazing results from. Her quest was to write a book in such a way that it described the five beliefs that underpin the Genuine Contact program and at the same time created questions for the reader to address their own beliefs and conclusions. Birgitt believes that there is no one right way, and that people are to be encouraged to examine their own beliefs and conclusions and to always question what is taught or presented.

About the Author

Photo of Birgitt Williams standing outside with greenery in the background.Drawing upon her eclectic background in cognitive psychology, clinical behavioral sciences, organizational psychology, human services, health services, cross-cultural practices, biology, history, philosophy, and comparative religion studies, Birgitt is known and respected for her deep commitment, integrity, and her skills in facilitating positive and sustainable changes with individuals, teams, and organizations.  As a leadership and organizational development consultant, she walks her talk and brings a diverse and extensive experience, with a genuine, compassionate, and direct approach to her work.  Her experience is drawn from her work with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations over 35 years.  Birgitt is dedicated to leadership development as some of the most important work on the planet at this time.

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