Each of Us Is an Influencer of Wellbeing

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Are you an influencer of wellbeing?

Each of us has work as leaders, coaches, consultants, and facilitators that influences wellbeing. If we so choose, we can, each and every one of us, be an influencer of wellbeing. To be an influencer of wellbeing is a choice. We all have the capacity and the power to do so!

As an influencer of well being, you can help people to

  1. achieve well being
  2. regain and sustain hope
  3. engage in possibility thinking
  4. create their new reality in which they can thrive

One of the five beliefs of the Genuine Contact way of working is:

We believe that focusing on genuine contact enables individuals and organizations to achieve the individual and organizational health and balance that is needed for optimal effectiveness. Positive change in the organization is directly linked to positive change in individuals. Both are required for sustainable new ways of working.

As you are in genuine contact with yourself, you discover that your well being is your natural state.

When you influence a person you are coaching or mentoring to be in genuine contact, they discover that their well being is their natural state.

While you influence a team, a family, a congregation, a whole organization to be in genuine contact with the collective of people, this genuine contact reminds the people involved that well being is the natural state.

Wellbeing is the condition from which we individually and collectively make life-nurturing choices and decisions.

Thank you for being an influencer in challenging times.

My heart is filled with gratitude to you for somehow managing to be of service during a challenging time. I hope that tools, knowledge, and process from our Genuine Contact way of living and working have been of benefit to you to support you in holding steady and strong and in knowing what to offer.

Each of us experiences a myriad of emotions, and at the same time, we need to stay in our health, balance, courage, and strength to be of service to others. I wish to talk to you about needing to stay in your health and balance, courageous, strong, hopeful, visionary, and inspiring….and thus to be of influence for well being around you.  I hope you can manage to retain your health, balance, coherence, and harmony.

If you have gotten out of your health and balance, out of your well being, please pause and get into genuine contact with yourself. Remember that one of the Five Beliefs we work with in our holistic approach is that the blueprint for optimal health and balance is in every organism. You have this within yourself. Follow the practices that are uniquely yours to regain your health and balance quickly. Your state of well being is needed in the world now. You are needed in the world.

I invite you to think about how to best be of influence for the well being of others. Right now among our Genuine Contact community, there are people who are influencing the wellbeing of others by helping them learn ways to meet online, there are others who focus on genuine contact in their coaching, and there are others who are offering online mentoring circles for important conversations and reflections. There are those who steadfastly teach that while we have physical distancing, we are socially connected….and genuine contact and all of its benefits can occur.

Birgitt Williams
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Birgitt Williams is an international management and organizational solutions consultant, author, meeting facilitator, teacher, keynote speaker and executive coach. Her business focus is to create inspiring work environments that are highly effective in achieving their purpose and fulfilling their vision.

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