Leadership Competencies for Nourishing a Culture of Leadership

Leadership Competencies for Nourishing a Culture of LeadershipFull Day Leadership Development Workshop On Our Upcoming Book Tour

As promised in my blog of September 25th when I announced the upcoming book tour, I would let you know more details about the events of this book tour. Most of the venues for the book tour will include a three hour interactive workshop on day one, and a full day workshop on day two. The three hour workshop will focus on Beliefs for Nourishing a Culture of Leadership. The full day interactive workshop will focus on the Leadership Competencies for Nourishing a Culture of Leadership. Just imagine….a shift in paradigm to Leading So People Will Lead is going to require developing additional leadership competencies. Following is a little information about this full day workshop that will be offered in most venues during the book tour.


Expanded competencies are needed by leaders today. An essential leadership competency needed by leaders today is to develop the concepts, knowledge, and skills for leading so that people will lead. In order to lead so that people will lead, a culture of leadership is needed throughout the organization. This one day workshop focuses on developing this essential competency through an exploration of what is required to nourish a culture of leadership.

Leadership Challenge: The performance environment for leaders is constant change

The reasons for expanded competencies are numerous including the challenge of leading organizations operating within the complexities of the world today, moving beyond internal conflict and low morale, the rapid pace of change, the beneficial and detrimental effects of the world connected via rapid virtual means of communication, and the focus on expanded results for people, the environment, and profit. Leaders are held accountable for their role in leading high performing organizations while the organizations are in the constant motion of internal and external change.
Challenge limiting myths about leadership and leadership development that

  • leadership only comes from the formal leader(s)
  • leadership is hard
  • leadership ability is exclusive
  • leadership on this planet is limited
  • leadership is action more so than it is belief

Traditionally, leaders have been held accountable for:

  • organizational success
  • effectiveness
  • efficiencies
  • productivity
  • commitment of employees
  • good governance

In these times, leaders are also held accountable for:

  • building the capacity throughout the organization to grow and thrive in change
  • developing organizations that can maintain a constant state of adaptability and flexibility
  • reducing the cost created by conflicts in the organization
  • gender equality
  • economic, social and environmental good

Leaders cannot meet this challenge in the old paradigm of leading so that people will follow. Leaders can meet this challenge if they adopt the new paradigm of leading so that people will lead. This requires knowing how to nourish a culture of leadership.

Expected Outcomes

Participants in this workshop will leave with expanded skills, knowledge and concepts for meeting this leadership challenge.  In learning about what is required to nourish a culture of leadership, participants will learn about

  • Germinating leadership in others
  • Supporting leadership development at all levels
  • Embracing personal responsibility
  • Aligning authority with accountability and responsibility
  • Tapping into the potential of people
  • Courage to act differently than the status quo
  • Utilizing possibility thinking
  • Believing in the value of empowering others


The workshop will be highly interactive, geared to different learning styles, and provide knowledge, concepts and skills for immediate use and good return on investment. Facilitation method for the workshop is Whole Person Process Facilitation.

The workshop is based on the Genuine Contact way of living and working.

Birgitt Williams
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