Leading Life and Business from a Sense of Deep Integrity

This morning, like most mornings, I went for a short drive to the local forest  to do my walking meditation. There is something about what is now becoming common in ‘forest bathing’ this revives me. I take a question into my walking meditation, with the anticipation that I will come out of the experience with clarity. Often the question is about some aspect of leading my life and our business. I am committed to leadership in which my mind, heart, and action are in alignment. My forest and walking meditation help me to stay on track.

As I started walking, phrase popped in that repeated itself with every step for some time. ‘Change your story, change your life’ caught my attention.  I know this phrase as an important wisdom teaching. Yet, noticing how it popped up in the meditation brought this phrase into a central part of my awareness.  I accepted it as guidance in response to my question.

I got into my car and a song came on the radio with the words ‘don’t worry baby, everything is going to be alright’. I turned the radio off so that I could absorb this wisdom. I accepted it as guidance in response to my question.

These may or may not be direct messages to me from Spirit. They may simply be neutral happenings. And yet, because I believe that Spirit is all that is, responding with conscious energy to a query, I choose to accept these as messages and not neutral at all. Is this spiritual guides at work and play? Is it my angels? I don’t know. I do know that I can ask for guidance, be open to messages, and then make choices based on where my noticing has taken me. It is up to me to interpret the messages. From the interpretation in the moment, in relation to the query I had, I can make choices of how to think and act in relation to the challenge before me.

How do I know if the choice feels right?

I feel some excitement, sometimes a lot of excitement.

I do a quick check in with myself about whether my mind and heart feel aligned with my choices. I then align my actions so that I maintain my integrity of mind, heart and actions in alignment. I am then ready to engage in leadership of my life and business from a sense of deep integrity.

Are you aware of messages that you get, little nudges of information and  insights? Do you choose to act on them? And if so, why?

Birgitt Williams
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Birgitt Williams is an international management and organizational solutions consultant, author, meeting facilitator, teacher, keynote speaker and executive coach. Her business focus is to create inspiring work environments that are highly effective in achieving their purpose and fulfilling their vision.

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