Our chosen holistic approach for leadership and organizational development is the Genuine Contact way. Using the holistic approach, we offer learning for formal leaders in creating, nourishing, and sustaining a culture of leadership. We also offer learning for the people in those organizations for thriving in a culture of leadership. If this is in alignment with your vision for the leadership and organizational culture that you want for your organization, you will find  support for your learning and development goals in the variety of opportunities we offer for you to learn with us. Whether you join us by taking one of our learning streams or even a single module, reading the book, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, or participating in the online facilitated peer with peer mentoring circles, you will uncover something that is important to you and your leadership.

Learning Streams



We offer 5 learning streams for developing leadership. The one that is right for you depends on your personal and professional development goals:


  1. Next Level Leadership: Orientation and Personal Readiness
  2. Self as a Leader
  3. Leadership for Meetings
  4. Leadership for Processes
  5. Developing Leadership for Sustainability

All of the modules within these learning streams are offered for individuals and can also be taken as a team, business unit, or organization. They are also offered publicly in three variants:

Self-Study + One to One Mentoring + facilitated peer with peer Mentoring Circle; Self-Study + Real Time Workshop (online or on site) + facilitated peer with peer Mentoring Circle; Self-Study + Real Time Workshop (online or on site) + One to One Mentoring + facilitated peer with peer Mentoring Circle..

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Join an Upcoming Mentoring Circle

As part of our commitment to ongoing learning for your professional development, we offer a series of Mentoring Circles throughout the year, each with a focus on learnings and experience from a specific Genuine Contact Program module or Genuine Contact Way program. The fee for participating in mentoring circles is included in your original workshop fee – whether you learned with us or another Genuine Contact Trainer worldwide.

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Read the Book

In The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership, author Birgitt Williams maintains that there is leadership capacity within everyone and that it is time for people to awaken their leadership potential.  According to the Birgitt, personal and professional leadership development cannot be separated.  This book offers the reader the opportunity to take a deep dive into the subject of personal and professional leadership development.  Readers are challenged to claim leadership of their lives and their businesses and organizations for the greater well-being of all, including our children and grandchildren.  Readers are offered the opportunity to read a segment, reflect, discuss, and determine what makes sense for them in their personal and professional leadership, as individuals and as teams.

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Developing Leadership the Genuine Contact Way: Podcast and YouTube Series

In this learning series, Birgitt Williams and Rachel Bolton of Dalar International Consultancy and the international Genuine Contact Organization are sharing our own wisdom and insights about the art of leadership. We’ll be inviting you to consider your own experiences in life and business so far, and how you want to further your leadership development with this theme.

In this series, our intention is to offer you unique opportunities to continually develop your leadership. In each episode, we will be exploring one key principle. You will hear our own experiences and understanding of each of these timeless principles.  We’ll suggest simple activities you can do to develop your own leadership by working with these principles too.

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On the Blog

Extraordinary Leadership WorkshopOur weekly blog provides information, strategies, and practical how-to’s for working the Genuine Contact Way. We share how we use this work to nourish a culture of leadership with a variety of organizations including solo-entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises to international NGOs and Fortune 500 companies.

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