Lifelong Learning

Learn about a variety of in-person and online opportunities to mentor and be mentored by people from around the world who are interested in exploring nourishing a culture of leadership and living and working the Genuine Contact Way.

Ongoing Learning through Mentoring Circles

As part of our commitment to ongoing learning for your professional development, we offer a series of Mentoring Circles throughout the year, each with a focus on learnings and experience from a specific Genuine Contact Program module or Genuine Contact Way program.

These mentoring circles are offered for free to anyone who has taken the appropriate workshop with us or with another Genuine Contact Trainer worldwide.  Mentoring Circles for ongoing learning are offered online so participation is possible anywhere in the world.  >> Learn More and find upcoming mentoring circles here.

Ongoing Online Mentoring Circle

Sponsored by the Genuine Contact Co-owners, you will find discussion boards, resources, and more available to you for lifelong learning in living and working the Genuine Contact way with a request that participants also contribute to the knowledge and the resources.  This mentoring circle has no cost for participation if you choose to sign up as a White Level member. Additional resources and other benefits are available with paid membership options. Contact the Director of the Genuine Contact Program to learn more or become a member today.