Beliefs for Creating a Culture of Leadership Workshop
Beliefs for Creating a Culture of Leadership

For Executives, Facilitators, Consultants, Managers, Team Leaders, HR, OD specialists, and anyone engaged in leadership.

Learn about the impact of underlying beliefs about organizations, held by leaders and held by the people within an organization. These underlying beliefs inform the leadership paradigm in your organization.

The leadership paradigm desired for a performance environment of constant change is one supporting agility, flexibility, gender equality, innovation, solution focus, creativity, responsibility, accountability, and productive use of authority.  In short, the elements necessary to thrive in today’s local and global economies.

This self-study program is intended to provide guidance to explore and develop an understanding of the new leadership paradigm ‘leading so people will lead’.

Five beliefs we believe impact culture of leadership will be presented for your consideration. Leaders who determine that they want to make the shift to the new leadership paradigm also need to consider making the organization-wide shift to nourishing a culture of leadership.

You will have the opportunity to make sense for yourself about the leadership paradigm that is best for you.

Learn how to use what is learned to lead important conversations in their organizations. These conversations about leadership paradigm can be used for conflict prevention. We will show you how.

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Deep Work with Whole Person Process Facilitation (2023)
Deep Work with Whole Person Process Facilitation (2023)

Take a deep dive into working with Whole Person Process Facilitation.

Whether you’re new to facilitating meetings using Whole Person Process Facilitation or are a seasoned facilitator, this week-long online learning intensive will support you in deepening your practice with this participatory method.

As a special gift to authorized Genuine Contact Trainers who participate in this program, you will be eligible to teach this workshop as part of your suite of Genuine Contact Way learning modules. The final day of the real-time learning is dedicated to supporting you in preparing for your facilitation.

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Genuine Contact Organization (GCO) Workshop
Genuine Contact Organization Workshop (November 2021)

Residential Workshop: November 22, 23, 29 & 30, 2021 | 9am – 12:30pm EST

All organizations are learning organizations. In some organizations, this learning is unconscious. It is learning by reacting to the latest needs and crisis. In other organizations, this learning is conscious. It is learning by responding and being adaptive to change, with opportunities to develop new skills and capacities and reflect on lessons learned.

Those that learn consciously operate as solution-focused, inspired, life-nurturing organizations that achieve sustainable high performance. These organizations are adaptive and agile. They take advantage of emergent opportunities. They create organizational solutions to challenges. They thrive.

You are invited to learn how a Genuine Contact Organization can support your organization to develop itself as a sustainable, solution-focused learning organization. Read the complete program description below and register today.

Terms & Conditions of Registration

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Holistic Leadership Development: Foundational Module 4 of the Genuine Contact Program
Holistic Leadership Development (2021)

April 30 – May 6, 2021 | 9am – 12:30 pm | Online

For Executives, Facilitators, Consultants, Managers, Team Leaders, HR and OD specialists

You may be interested in enhancing your leadership skills, knowledge and capacity to lead in a way in which others will engage their own leadership. In this learning program, you will learn a holistic paradigm for leadership that will serve you in bringing out the best in yourself and in the business, groups, and organizations that you lead.

The Holistic Leadership Development module was designed to assist leaders who want to develop their leadership approach, strengthen their own power and find tools and methods to impact their organization. In the workshop participants will have time to define their own leadership approach, strengthen their leadership capacity and design a plan for leadership development in their organization.

You will learn how to achieve extraordinary levels of self-awareness and masterful use of your own self as an instrument to achieve what you want to achieve in your organizations. You will learn how to work from the collective wisdom within your organization in order to solve the tough problems facing you and your organization. This workshop was designed to assist you in leading in this complex, non-linear cross-cultural world and to thrive despite the accelerated pace of change.

As Einstein is quoted as saying “We cannot solve our problems at the same level of thinking (consciousness) that got us into them”.

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Leadership Competencies for Thriving in Constant Change
Leadership Competencies for Thriving in Constant Change

Imagine enhancing your leadership competencies to lead your own life as well as leading a team or organization in rapidly changing times!

We live in a world of rapid-fire change. Gone are the days of slow and planned organizational change, with plenty of time once the change is enacted to stabilize the organization, work within the new state, and then plan for the next intentional organizational change. Between the ever-changing political landscape, technology increasing faster than it can be implemented, and information being generated faster than ever before, constant change is the new normal.

We invite you to learn, explore and strengthen your knowledge and capacity of the leadership competencies you need to thrive in constant change.

In this learning program, you will discover:

  • why extraordinary leadership is the key to success in business today
  • leadership competencies needed for our rapidly changing times that require individuals and organizations to be flexible and adaptive
  • how you can quickly and easily develop extraordinary leadership competencies that will greatly benefit your personal and professional life.
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Mentoring Circles and Mastermind Groups
Mentoring Circles & Mastermind Groups

Mentoring is a key ingredient in building organizations that thrive. It’s a cost-effective way to build capacity, strengthen relationships, and increase engagement and job satisfaction.

Moving Beyond Traditional Mentor-Mentee Relationships to Mentoring Circles

Traditional mentoring in organizations pairs a more senior employee with a junior counterpart.- often helping them onboard into a new job or contributing to their career path within the organization It is a one-way relationship between 2 people with the mentor guiding the mentee. The learning and teaching are limited to these 2 people without benefit to others in the organization.

Mentoring Circles, on the other hand, bring a group of people together for collective mentoring. With a possible mix of levels of seniority, roles within the organization and departments, collective learning happens that impacts the entire organization. Regular mentoring circles focused on the skills, competencies, and experiences needed to achieve the organization’s goals can result in continual development of your organizational capacity, strengthening the organization and all of its employees.

Once instituted as a regular practice in your team and organization, benefits from mentoring circles include increasing knowledge transfer between people, building collaboration and cooperation, increasing individual and collective wisdom, and improving the functioning of the team and organization through improved relationship capacity. These attributes for teams and organizations are considered essential for optimal performance. Including mentoring circles as part of your team and organizational development is a simple yet powerful way to accomplish these attributes.

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Next Level Leadership Workshop Bundle
Next Level Leadership

Next Level Leadership is a comprehensive learning program to support you in transforming your leadership to work with a leadership paradigm that is better aligned with the reality of work today. By participating in Next Level Leadership, you will increase your capacity to meet expanded leadership accountability. Gone are the days when leading so people will follow is sufficient. As organizations need to become more agile, innovative, collaborative, and perform well within the background of constant change, leaders are learning how to lead so that people will lead.

In this learning program, you are invited to consider the importance of this new leadership paradigm for yourself and for your organization. Many jobs today require people to use leadership skills to get the job done…think of the leadership needed every day by customer service, IT, health service, and workers in specialty knowledge areas. Think of how important it is to support these leadership skills within a leadership paradigm in your culture of “leading so people will lead”.

This learning program gets you ready for your own leadership for leading so people will lead. It’s a deep exploration into what next level leadership is and what it expects from you as a leader, covered in five modules. Participation in each module is a combination of independent self-study and online real-time facilitated mentoring circles with other program participants.  Depending on your learning preferences, you can expect 8-12 hours of guided learning per module.

The Next Level Leadership learning track includes 5 modules. Read more below.

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Organizational Transformation Basics for Success (2020)
Organizational Transformation Basics for Success (2020)

To develop your leadership it is helpful to step back and take a look at your organization from the viewpoint of what is required to bring about organizational transformation. You will need this knowledge for the transformational leadership it takes to shift to working in a new leadership paradigm. In this module, you have the opportunity to consider what works, what doesn’t work, and how to position your change effort to be one that is successful.

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Personal Boundaries...At Work
Personal Boundaries…At Work

Being clear about your personal boundaries before they are crossed is an important life skill. Clear and upheld boundaries help to build relationships that are healthy, mutually respectful, supportive and caring. When you find yourself in uncertain or stressful situations, your boundaries can help to guide you in making the best decisions that will help keep you on your path.

Working with personal boundaries is also an important skill in your professional life. Whether you are a consultant supporting people in organizations to work more effectively together or a leader working to create a positive work environment and achieve your business goals, working with the people’s personal boundaries is a critical ingredient for achieving success.  But it’s an ingredient not often explored.

Personal boundaries – we’ve all got them.  At their core, your boundaries describe what you are available for and what you are not. The challenge is that many people in the world learn about their boundaries only once they’ve had a life experience where the boundary was crossed. Those situations that cause harm in relationships or maybe put an end to them altogether.

Develop a clear understanding of your personal boundaries and learn how to work with them effectively in the workplace – whether as a leader or working within a team.

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Strategic Planning the Genuine Contact Way (Register Here)
Strategic Planning the Genuine Contact Way (Summer Academy 2023)

Workshop Dates: July 3-7, 2023 in Neemrana, India.

Strategic Planning done the Genuine Contact Way is designed to mentor leaders in developing the competencies, capabilities, and capacity to successfully lead strategic planning and implementation in their organizations. Leaders will develop their skills, knowledge, confidence, and commitment to lead this work masterfully. Leaders will learn how to turn great ideas in their organization into outstanding results by creating clarity, alignment, and a systematic approach to evaluating and managing organizational performance.

Read the complete workshop overview here.

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Strategic Planning the Genuine Contact Way (Register Here)
Summer Academy 2023 Accommodations Package

This accommodations package must be purchased in addition to your workshop registration.  It includes:

Transportation between Delhi and NIIT University: An air conditioned deluxe bus will provide transportation from Delhi to NIIT University on July 2 in the afternoon and return transportation on July 7 in the afternoon.

Accommodations: Double-occupancy accommodations are provided from check-in on July 2 through check-out on July 7.

Meals: Breakfast and dinner are provided each day (lunch and tea breaks are included in your registration fee). Bottled water will also be available for drinking in your room.

Find further details about what is included in the accommodations package here.

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Whole Person Process Facilitation Workshop (Order)
Whole Person Process Facilitation (2023)

Self-Study + Real-Time Online Workshop

You are invited to learn a simple-to-use multi-purpose method for leading highly participatory meetings. This meeting method encourages your organization’s members to use all of their strengths in a highly effective way. The meeting produces tangible results towards your business goals and achieves maximum participation, inspired creativity, and the best solutions from the collective of individuals involved.

Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) was developed by Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams and has been used in dozens of countries in the world and on every continent, with a fifteen-year history of consistently exceptional results. Your meetings will be more efficient and effective. Your investment in holding meetings, when they are facilitated using WPPF, will have a significant return on investment.

Purchasing the Whole Person Process Facilitation workshop from this page includes the self-study components as well as the Real-Time Online Workshop.  For a complete listing of what is included, please read the full program description below. You can find the workshop with the self-study materials and only the One-to-One Mentoring or a Combination including the Real-Time workshop + One-to-One mentoring sessions to purchase individually if one of these better suits your learning needs.

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