Medicine Wheel Tool Workshop
Mentoring Circle: Medicine Wheel Tool (2022)

Sepgember 16, 2022 | 9am-12:00pm EDT | Online

One of the things we believe in all of our training is that having ongoing learning opportunities is critical for learning retention, application of your skills, and continually growing your skills and capacities.

When you have the opportunity to gather with others who have also learned a particular skillset – to share your experiences, wisdom, and insights and to ask questions where you still have more to learn – it offers all participants a possibility for ongoing and deepened learning.  As part of our commitment to ongoing learning for your leadership development, you are encouraged to participate in this mentoring circle with a focus on the Medicine Wheel Tool.

Join other past workshop participants to explore emerging issues and opportunities for working with the Medicine Wheel Tool. As part of the mentoring circle, participants will develop an agenda of the topics that they want to explore.

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Medicine Wheel Tool Workshop
Working with the Medicine Wheel Tool (Mentoring)

Self-Study + One-to-One Mentoring + Mentoring Circle

The beauty of this simple tool is that by learning one tool, it will work for you in so many team, organization, community, family, and leadership situations. Keeping it simple is one of our guiding beliefs. This goes right along with ‘if we use a simple to understand tool, we can handle complexity…the more complex the tools, the less effective they are in handling complexity’. The Medicine Wheel Tool is a multi-purpose tool that functions as a navigational compass for leadership and organizational development. As a multi-purpose tool, it functions as a framework for coaching, problem clarification, generation of solutions, project development, project turn around and so much more.

Already working with the Medicine Wheel Tool? By taking this module expect to deepen your learning, broaden your range of application, and assimilate the Medicine Wheel Tool into the way that you approach leadership of your life and organizations.

Just learning about the Medicine Wheel Tool? You will get that orientation in this module, immediately followed by learning about application.

Whether it’s new to you or you’ve been working with it for some time, this learning module will support you in strengthening your abilities with the Genuine Contact way of working.

This module is one of four in our learning stream of developing leadership for sustainability. Developing leadership for sustainability is the ability to continually navigate change and regenerate your organization’s health and balance…all while achieving your business goals.

Purchasing the Working with the Medicine Wheel Tool learning module from this page includes the self-study components as well as One-to-One Mentoring.  For a complete listing of what is included, please read the full program description below. You can find the workshop with the self-study materials and only the Real-Time Workshop or a Combination including the Real-Time workshop + One-to-One mentoring sessions to purchase individually if one of these better suits your learning needs.

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