Leadership Competencies for Thriving in Constant Change
Leadership Competencies for Thriving in Constant Change

Imagine enhancing your leadership competencies to lead your own life as well as leading a team or organization in rapidly changing times!

We live in a world of rapid-fire change. Gone are the days of slow and planned organizational change, with plenty of time once the change is enacted to stabilize the organization, work within the new state, and then plan for the next intentional organizational change. Between the ever-changing political landscape, technology increasing faster than it can be implemented, and information being generated faster than ever before, constant change is the new normal.

We invite you to learn, explore and strengthen your knowledge and capacity of the leadership competencies you need to thrive in constant change.

In this learning program, you will discover:

  • why extraordinary leadership is the key to success in business today
  • leadership competencies needed for our rapidly changing times that require individuals and organizations to be flexible and adaptive
  • how you can quickly and easily develop extraordinary leadership competencies that will greatly benefit your personal and professional life.
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Next Level Leadership Workshop Bundle
Next Level Leadership

Next Level Leadership is a comprehensive learning program to support you in transforming your leadership to work with a leadership paradigm that is better aligned with the reality of work today. By participating in Next Level Leadership, you will increase your capacity to meet expanded leadership accountability. Gone are the days when leading so people will follow is sufficient. As organizations need to become more agile, innovative, collaborative, and perform well within the background of constant change, leaders are learning how to lead so that people will lead.

In this learning program, you are invited to consider the importance of this new leadership paradigm for yourself and for your organization. Many jobs today require people to use leadership skills to get the job done…think of the leadership needed every day by customer service, IT, health service, and workers in specialty knowledge areas. Think of how important it is to support these leadership skills within a leadership paradigm in your culture of “leading so people will lead”.

This learning program gets you ready for your own leadership for leading so people will lead. It’s a deep exploration into what next level leadership is and what it expects from you as a leader, covered in five modules. Participation in each module is a combination of independent self-study and online real-time facilitated mentoring circles with other program participants.  Depending on your learning preferences, you can expect 8-12 hours of guided learning per module.

The Next Level Leadership learning track includes 5 modules. Read more below.

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