Deep Work with Whole Person Process Facilitation (2023)


Take a deep dive into working with Whole Person Process Facilitation.

Whether you’re new to facilitating meetings using Whole Person Process Facilitation or are a seasoned facilitator, this week-long online learning intensive will support you in deepening your practice with this participatory method.

As a special gift to authorized Genuine Contact Trainers who participate in this program, you will be eligible to teach this workshop as part of your suite of Genuine Contact Way learning modules. The final day of the real-time learning is dedicated to supporting you in preparing for your facilitation.


Making the Most of Working with Whole Person Process Facilitation

The development goal for this learning module is to expand the capacity and knowledge of leaders and facilitators to get the most from their work with Whole Person Process Facilitation.

Working with the Subtleties of WPPF

When you take leadership for using Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) in your life and work, it is valuable to have a deeper understanding of working with the subtilties of WPPF. Rachel Bolton and Birgitt Williams are taking leadership for the plan, design, and facilitation of the learning module. You are invited to take your leadership to give yourself the gift of a learning journey that will benefit your life as well as your work in expansive yet results-oriented ways. As well as registering, you will need to clear a week in your calendar for the purpose of devoting that week to yourself and your learning.

Understanding Whole Person Process Facilitation through Many Lenses

You will have an opportunity early in the learning process to reflect on and crystalize your expected outcomes in relation to the following teaching objectives for Deep Work with Whole Person Process Facilitation

  • Developing clarity regarding what you are setting in motion when you work with WPPF
  • Developing an understanding of the dynamics of using an interactive participatory method
  • Exploring the value of framing every use of WPPF for embracing of diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging
  • Defining WPPF from experiencing it as a textured method that is felt even if not easily defined in words
  • Working with emotional, physical, mental and spirit streams of consciousness of the individual and of the collective
  • Integrating bridging between activities for a coherent whole
  • Exploring what is to be accomplished in a meeting and translating this into the teaching objectives for your meeting…an integral part of the facilitation design
  • Learning to choose how you will meet those objectives and understanding why you are making these choices
  • Learning to work with the WPPF meeting to achieve individual and collective coherence of mind, heart, action and understanding the importance of true coherence that allows for diversity, creativity, innovation within coherence
  • To capture what we individually and collectively know about WPPF and applying WPPF into a book that will be published as an ebook within 2023 and as a hard copy book soon thereafter – with you as a contributing author (if you choose) based on your experience so far

Developing Community

Participants in this learning module are passionate about working with Whole Person Process Facilitation. Some new to the Genuine Contact program, some who have worked with the methods in Genuine Contact since its creation in 1999, and every amount of experience in between.

The commitment of each person is for a deep learning experience. The people who attend develop into a community. The community that develops is one that embraces diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging with learning enhanced by the lived experience of what is possible. Expect wonderful people from several countries in the world, bringing unique perspectives.

You are welcome to join this community in this learning intensive, even if you haven’t learned about WPPF yet (see details below on pre-requisites).

Your Learning Experience Includes

The method for facilitating the learning has four components:

  1. Self-study pre-work available three weeks prior to the start of the real-time learning, with a concise Learning Hub provided for the purpose of this self-study component
  2. Real-time online workshop January 9-15, 2023 from 8 am to 12 pm EST (check local time zone) daily, facilitated using WPPF
  3. “Homework” daily from January 9-15, 2023 duration approximately three hours per day
  4. A follow on facilitated peer-with-peer facilitated mentoring circle, Friday, April 14, 2023 (9 am – 12 pm EDT).

Tip: Join the learning module with a friend or colleague and schedule your homework time together as a study group. If you live close to one another, you might even consider getting together in person for your study group.

Your Membership Discount

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