Mentoring Circle: Whole Person Process Facilitation (2021)


May 28, 2021 | 9am-12:00pm EDT | Online

One of the things we believe in all of our training is that having ongoing learning opportunities is critical for learning retention, application of your skills, and continually growing your skills and capacities.

When you have the opportunity to gather with others who have also learned a particular skillset – to share your experiences, wisdom, and insights and to ask questions where you still have more to learn – it offers all participants a possibility for ongoing and deepened learning.  As part of our commitment to ongoing learning for your leadership development, you are encouraged to participate in this mentoring circle with a focus on Whole Person Process Facilitation.

Join other past workshop participants – some with decades of experience, some with a few years, and some with only a few months – to explore emerging issues and opportunities for working with Whole Person Process Facilitation. As part of the mentoring circle, participants will develop an agenda of the topics that they want to explore.


You qualify to register for this mentoring circle if you took the module Whole Person Process Facilitation at any time in the past with either our Dalar International team (Birgitt Williams, Rachel Bolton, Ward Williams) or any Genuine Contact professionals worldwide. There is no fee for participating as mentoring circles are part of our ongoing commitment of service to assist you to expand your learning, including adding to your confidence.

  • Facilitation method: Whole Person Process Facilitation
  • Facilitators Birgitt Williams and Rachel Bolton
  • Online Platform: QiqoChat. Instructions for getting into the QiqoChat are provided at registration.

All you have to do to participate is register to join us. All registrants will receive a copy of the meeting notes.

Terms and Conditions of Registration