Summer Academy 2020 Mentoring Circles


June 15-18, 2020 Online

All organizations are learning organizations. In some organizations, this learning is unconscious. It is learning by reacting to the latest needs and crisis. In other organizations, this learning is conscious. It is learning by responding and being adaptive to change, with opportunities to develop new skills and capacities and reflect on lessons learned.

Those that learn consciously operate as solution-focused, inspired, life-nurturing organizations that achieve sustainable high performance. These organizations are adaptive and agile. They take advantage of emergent opportunities. They create organizational solutions to challenges. They thrive.

Through 4 days of mentoring circles, you are invited deepen your knowledge of how a Genuine Contact Organization can support your organization to develop itself as a sustainable, solution-focused learning organization. Read the complete program description below and register today.

Terms & Conditions of Registration


Many jobs today require people to use leadership skills to get the job done…think of the leadership needed every day by customer service, IT, health service, and workers in specialty knowledge areas. The organizational culture that needs people to take leadership in their jobs and in teamwork needs to shift itself to one that nourishes a culture of leadership.

Through this mentoring circle series, you are invited to deepen your learning in how the organizational model, the Genuine Contact Organization, can support your organization to develop itself as an organization that supports and nourishes a culture of leadership.  During this learning program, you will have the opportunity to explore your thoughts about organizations beyond the focus of supporting organization-wide leadership so that the requirements of getting the job done well are in alignment with the organizational culture. You will also have the opportunity to examine how you work with Genuine Contact for this shift in culture in relation to:

  • using the shift to support a culture that is solution-focused
  • using what you learn to help your organization achieve sustainable high performance
  • using what you learn to achieve an adaptive and agile organization
  • using what you learn about how the organizational culture can support taking advantage of emergent opportunities
  • using what you learn to help an organization thrive

This learning intensive, in July 2020, is the Genuine Contact Summer Academy and will include people who have been learning with us for a longer time, some even for twenty years, as well as those new to working with the Genuine Contact program and way of working, and everything in between. The design of the workshop allows for you, who have taken the Genuine Contact Organization workshop in the past, to join in with the other participants for only the mentoring circles portions of the Summer Academy, supporting each other in mentoring with your unique experiences so far.

Your registration includes two mentoring circle segments of this deep dive into the Genuine Contact Organization.

  • participation in mentoring circle activities
    • Mentoring Circle for exploring issues and opportunities for bringing your vision and knowledge of the Genuine Contact Organization model into reality (online June 15-16)
    • Mentoring Circle focused on issues and opportunities for bringing your vision and knowledge of the Genuine Contact Organization model to work for us in the international Genuine Contact Organization (online June 17-18)

Pre-requisite Learning: In order to attend the mentoring circles, you must have previously taken the Genuine Contact Organization workshop with our Dalar team or any other Genuine Contact Trainer worldwide.